As we become inundated with new year’s messaging and turning of the decade nostalgia, I feel lightly compelled to pen (err, type) something off the cuff.

With floodgates opened to highlight reels and reflection of the last decade’s achievements, social media feeds have become a fun synopsis of someone’s life. Myself included, I think about the outlandish places I’ve been, the stories I get to share that someone couldn’t even make up, and the people I get to love in my life.

So, instead of sharing all of the fun, ego-stroking things that I got to do, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind for the next decade.

And hey, if you expanded, connected, and were given the opportunity for self reflection, you’ve achieved something beautiful.



One thing that I’ve found that changes the way I move in this world is purpose. When you’re younger, there’s a seduction that exists with different experiences and industries. For example, I did the fashion blogging bit for about eight years. It took me to places I never would have expected in terms of financial opportunities (incorporating my business) and experiences (access to clothing, shows in New York, blah blah). But it all started because I had a large student loan I needed to pay off, and had no means for entertainment other than $100 of bi-weekly disposable income after paying all of my bills. My purpose was to explore, create, and feed my digital curiosities on a dime.

As I moved through my 20’s, I found new purpose – travel, exploration, living with less, and now mental health. It’s not to say that one purpose is better than any other, but that your interests and what drives you to jump out of bed every morning can evolve. Find that, and throw all of your passion into it.




Curiosity will never fail you. As you grow and your personal network expands, you’ll find that knowledge and a constant desire to acquire new information will keep life interesting. Whether it’s stopping to ask yourself about the origin of the food you’re eating, or striking up a conversation with a stranger…you’ll carry a little piece of newness with you everywhere.

I find that the best ways I’m able to connect with people is to learn and share with them. I pick up news, podcast ideas, hobbies, and genuinely get to learn about something for a completely different perspective. You become richer for it, and it never ceases to amaze me how far you can grow.



Isolation and independence are words that are top of mind when I think of the last 10 years. I fought through life thinking I had to do everything alone, or was defensive and detached because I thought I was the only person that wouldn’t let me down. While some of that belief system might be true…life is so much more fun with people around to laugh, cry, and experience things with. I’ve learned to invest in the people that I think make me better and nourished.

Sometimes it’s just sitting and chatting, or other times it’s getting to do an activity. Whatever it is, as I evolve into the next decade, I’m so thankful that I get to surround myself with wonderful human beings that I know have my back.



So many phone photo albums are hitting the 30,000+ mark because of Instagram, group chats, and the need to constantly remember what happened. The funny thing that happens when you over document is that you often forget what you were feeling in the moment. Sit and simmer with the idea that you don’t have to take a photo just to share it, or take 10x because you’re worried you’ll “miss the shot”. Snap what you need, and be okay with keeping it just for you.

Wild idea – maybe you’ll even print a photo album to pour over in the future. Who knows what campy, novel, analogue activity will make us stop for just a minute in 2020?

Wherever you are and whoever you’re with at the strike of midnight, I hope you celebrate yourself and give yourself credit where it’s due. You’re you, and that’s all you need to be.
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