Eat Clean
Hello 2014! And hello new resolutions (that may or may not make it all the way to 2015)!  Betcha eating clean/getting fit is topping your list. We don’t blame you if you cheat because, heck, it’s hard to break old habits but here’s our stab at surviving the first few months.

1. The Nutrition Facts Deserve a Second Look

Do not be intimidated by the numbers and word jumble, I assure you they mean something. Avoid foods high in saturated fats and run far far farrr away from trans fats. Fibre is good. Too much sugar, sodium and cholesterol bad. You aren’t cutting it all out, only cutting down.

2. If you can’t pronounce it, leave it on the shelf

A little trick mothers use with their kids in grocery stores. Read the ingredients to see if everything sounds relatively natural and not radioactive like it was processed in a test tube. Bad things can be easily disguised as overly complicated scientificky good stuff such as high fructose corn syrup which just means SUGAR OVERLOAD while monosodium glutamate is MSG.

3. Clearing the turkey grease from your insides

Try a simple detox. I’m not talking about a crazy “liquids only” type but one that could involve drinking a nutrient rich smoothie for breakfast instead of your typical sugary breakfast cereal. Swap one meal a day for a yummy homemade blend of fruits and veggies (try not to use a juicer, you lose nutrients) and let the washroom visits begin! Hurrah!

4.  Research before you commit

Heading out for grub with friends? A quick trip to the restaurant’s menu online will help you make smarter, healthier choices. You can find the ingredients and nutrition facts for most meals.

5. Cut the POP.

Enough said.

Eating clean isn’t about meticulous calorie counting, très depressing, it’s about being aware of what’s going into your body. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take a teeny break once in a while. All in moderation amigos!

Good luck and feel good.


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