ROGUE STORIES - #AbsolutMix RS_ABSOLUT_Bottle_Mix Experimenting with fresh, delicious cocktails for the summer always involves experimenting with vodka. As a hearty cheers to Pride Month (a new feat for Toronto, started June 1st), Absolut Vodka has crafted a prismatic sensation of a bottle, titled Absolut Mix. It’s colorful, happy, and exactly the way it should be.

For the occasion, Tommy crafted “The Glow Up” (affectionately named by Caroline), inspired here’s how to make it for you and your loved ones:


  • 1 oz Absolut Vodka

  • 0.75 oz Aperol 

  • 0.5 oz Lemon juice

  • Grapefruit Radler 

  • Mint to garnish

  • Ice


  1. Stir Absolut Vodka, Aperol, lemon juice in a glass with ice
  2. Top off with Grapefruit Radler
  3. Garnish with mint
  4. Enjoy!

ROGUE STORIES - #AbsolutMix ROGUE STORIES - #AbsolutMix RS_ABSOLUT_Cocktail1 ROGUE STORIES - #AbsolutMix

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