Long live the accessory.

As we grumble and trudge our way through this last gasp of winter, accessories have dutifully made the past three months a little less miserable. Your gloves that keep you warm, your scarf that keeps your face from freezing. Your yoga towel that lets you focus on trying to twist yourself into a pretzel, instead of worrying about slipping on your own sweat.

Accessories pack a ton of weight in one small punch. They are the backbone of any outfit, essential and easily forgotten. The things you toss on the floor or shove in your closet without thinking about it.

If I sound weirdly grateful, it’s because this is the coldest — and therefore most discouraging — week before spring finally makes an appearance. The two-minute walk to the subway stop / neighbourhood supermarket / gym have been an impossible task for weeks. Things like your social life, cooking your own meals, and “working out” all feel completely unnecessary on your shoulders on top of work. And that weird, guilt-joy feeling when you and your friend mutually agree to bail on drinks.

Myself and at least three other coworkers have been showing up to work in the same black-on-black uniform. We keep a tally. Commiseration, you know.

But accessories. When I get ready to leave the house, putting each of them on feels like saying a silent morning affirmation. They make you feel ready. Earmuffs for the stupidly fierce windchill, a water bottle for those notoriously long conference calls, the everything-bag that keeps you organized. Long live the accessory.

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