Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia
There’s nothing quite like getting a local’s point of view. What pleasantly surprised me about Halifax when I went for my Expedia #BigWorldExplorer trip, was that there were so many fun, hidden treasures that the quiet city has to offer.

Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia

Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia

Pavia Gallery and the Halifax Public Library

A quaint, well decorated coffee shop complete with art and delicious pastries. Pavia was a great stopover to map out all of the places we wanted to see / eat at / discover. A quiet murmur of pleasant guests and the waft of great coffee…makes for the perfect setting.

We sauntered into the main area of the library to find walls covered in art, and a huge, well lit theatre. One quick glance up at the ceiling and you’ll note beautiful, swirling architecture that you wish you could see every day. Beautiful spot.

Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia

Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia

Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia

Peggy’s Cove

You can’t go to Halifax without making the quickie road trip out to Peggy’s Cove. Complete with a hauntingly quiet setting (there’s a lighthouse, rolling rocks that sit by the ocean), you’re left to watch wave after wave crashing on the shoreline. There were nominal tourists in the area because it was still considered “cold”, so lucky for us we flew a drone above the coastline. Gorgeous.

Nearby there are seafood restaurants, quaint general stores and souvenir shops, and blustery winds that sporadically come by. A great place for photos and a lot of peace and quiet.


Prince George Hotel

I’ll detail this experience a little more in a later post, but Prince George Hotel is a modern, boutique, and centrally located hotel with many fixings. The room service was wonderful (we stayed on the Executive Floor), there was a snack room / lounge and lots of humble and friendly staff. The food I detailed in another post – you have to try Gio if you’re ever in the area.

The Parking Lots

…just kidding. Andrew / Gunnarolla was ecstatic about sharing funny 360 videos of us in varying Halifax parking lots. They were nice, but I’d probably stay for the food / Halifax company.

Halifax - #BigWorldExplorer - Expedia

Big thanks to Expedia.ca for hooking up this experience in Halifax, as a part of the #BigWorldExplorer program. Until next time!

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