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I wholeheartedly subscribe to the idea of Seasonal Affective Disorder. As an East Coaster, I’m drawn to the idea of warm rays and eternal sunshine – something that our societal issue of lacking vitamin D doesn’t really allow for. Come November each year, my full-fledged S.A.D.-ness takes over. Days get shorter, my outlook feels naturally bleak, and I find myself feeling worn out and dreary. This year though, I’m seeking change. I’m looking to kick S.A.D. to the curb and merrily maintain my personality through to the holidays. Here’s how I’m going to start:

Health First

I’ve been on a healthy eating binge lately – plant based, high protein, healthy fats, and everything that will boost my immune system (looking at you, vitamin C). Health is all we have, and as we venture into the colder, dark quarter of the year I’m finding that doubling down on staying well is the only way to go. Take a minute to learn a new recipe that will add excitement to your veggies, or suck it up and blend your greens. Whatever you do, make sure your body is a temple and that it will stay running for years to come.

Keep your mind fresh

Mental wellness is half the battle! Meditation, deep breathing, and looking on the sunny side are all devices that we need to keep sharp and steady. Try apps like Headspace, Calm, and even Audible have helped with my overall calmness and ability to sleep.

Little pick me ups

Sometimes, you just need a f*cking cupcake. Enjoy, and leave the guilt behind. There’s no need for that. Sunshine, slapstick comedy, or just a long breezy walk in the cold make me smile. Catch yourself each and every time you find yourself falling into a rut and move onward and upward. You can do it.

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The Art of Avoidance

Shorter days? Darkness got you down? Leave. Book a flight on Next Departure or other deal sites and get out of town. It’s radical and it absolutely works. I love booking quick trips or even taking a road trip out of town to see something different, to enjoy a new environment. You can travel just by driving 45 minutes out of your regular surroundings. Take a deep breath and just go.

Good people

Y’Know what? People nourish me. I have a group of people I can lean on to have meaningful conversations to learn, grow, and lean on. Find your people and you’ll find yourself bouncing back from S.A.D. anywhere, anytime.

Need more? We’re blogging all the ways to combat S.A.D.-ness throughout November. Come back often, we’ll find ways to warm your soul.

See you out there,
– Gloria

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