Carlier is pictured with The Flight Pack, a Minimal, Modular, Durable Bag for your essentials.

Who are you, and how do you travel?

My name is Carlier Morejon . I’m a creative soul and a flight attendant. I travel light!

If you could pack just (5) things, what would they be?

A good book, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, face cream and iPhone (headphones and charger included)

What’s your packing process look like?

My process consists of checking the weather at my destination and packing light accordingly. I usually imagine myself in the future while at the destination, and that gives me an idea of the things that I would be doing and how to  better prepare for them!

Your dream destination of the moment is ____


What’s your fondest travel memory of the last year?

Meeting a group of ladies between the ages of 80-90 years old on their way to collect tea leaves on the Ceylon tea plantations in the middle of the Sri Lankan mountains, and seeing their facial reactions when I showed them their very first selfie ever!

What’s your best piece of travel advice?

The sun will always be shining pass above the clouds! Travel time is “you” time . Enjoy it!

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