I’ve been living on public transit for awhile now, from New York to Toronto. And while it’s done wonders for getting my steps in (take the stairs, not the escalators), I have to say it’s taken some getting used to having to get around primarily on foot.

If you’re looking to embrace the commuter life, you’ll need a few essentials.

URBANEBLOC - Commuter Essentials

Great Headphones

I’m in love with my new Layla FRENDS Headphones (yes, an actual fan). They come in the best colors, and also replaceable covers that have all the fixings of an addictive cell phone. Invest in a pair of noise-canceling head phones that are stylish and premium quality. They’ll get a ton of course.

URBANEBLOC - Commuter Essentials - Kind Bars


A granola bar / KIND Bars or three never hurt anyone. Bring dry snacks with you on the go – you never know when you’ll need something sweet / salty at just the right time.

Hooked by Nir Eyal & Kindle

A Book

If you’re a person that can read while on a moving vehicle, well then, you’re a few steps ahead of us already. Bring an interesting book along for the ride in paperback, or Audible. Absorb information while you’re commuting, you’re not doing anything else important are you?

Hand Sanitizer

Spritz or gel, both are useful when it comes to hand sanitizer and public transit. You’ll find yourself pushing doors, turnstiles, and holding onto poles. And when it gets to the winter season, you don’t want to be ingesting all those germs. Invest in some great sanitizer that will serve you well, and is easy to travel with. You’ll find an abundance of varieties at Bed Bath and Beyond.

URBANEBLOC - Commuter Life - Water Bottle

A Bottle of Water

Stay hydrated, folks. I love bringing my Bobble water bottle with me everywhere – it saves me from buying more plastic bottles full of the same water. Bring something like a Bobble water bottle or a SWELL Water Bottle (pictured above), or if you’re feeling really daring, a glass one (for health reasons).

If you’re living on the East Coast or in colder weathers, it’s time to bundle up. Make sure you’ve packed your back, your warm accessories, and getting ready to brave the crowds and the cold. Good luck out there!

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