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Welcome to cooking for no-brainers! We’re opening our chamber of personal recipes guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds using a combination of leftovers and random ingredients. We might not be gourmet chefs and you may be hesitant but my friends have taste tested and given my dishes the green light. For the first recipe, I’ve decided to add a twist to a classic chow that everybody loves, Chinese fried rice. Instead of white rice, let’s substitute in whole wheat pita bread because it’s healthier and you don’t know what else to do with it. Everyone be like whaaaa? Try my Stir Fry Pita!


– package of whole wheat pita bread, sliced to shreds

– boiled spinach, eggs, ground pork

– leftover meats or veggies in the fridge


1. Fry the ground pork and place into a bowl – this step doesn’t require oil because the pork is fatty enough

2. Scramble your eggs

3. Throw in your boiled spinach and shredded pita bread

4. Add the ground pork and any left-overs

5. Toss in some salt if needed and fry the whole thing for a few more minutes until pita bread has softened

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Serve with hot sauce and try not to finish it all in one sitting. If you love this dish, all I can say is, I got it from my mamma!

Happy cooking!

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