I’ve  always thought cooking with liquor was out of my league. Liquor offers a rich flavour and is typically used to create succulent sauces to accompany or even build a dish, but it seems sooo complex. My faves… any pasta a la vodka and veal Marsala – Neither of which I’ve attempted to cook on my own. But, I was recently introduced to some easy and delicious recipes and if you’re like me and would rather eat your calories than drink them, you’re gonna love this.

I was recently inspired by a super cool event, which showcased recipes that infused with Courvosier cognac. What I learned: even I can cook with liquor and if you thought there were endless possibilities with mixed drinks, wait until you see what you can cook with cognac! Although I still haven’t tackled developing my own recipe, I was able to indulge in the delicious recipes developed by renowned chefs in Toronto and expert foodies! So, if you’re like me and are too scared to venture into developing an original sauce of your own, you can try some of their recipes here.
My faves (and coincidentally the Courvosier Collective contest winners 😉 ):
Lobster Corn Chowder, prepared by Doug Burke
And if you need further inspiration (or just want a guaranteed AMAZING experience), Courvosier partnered with some esteemed chefs in Toronto who developed special, limited time only Courvosier-infused menus. Hm, why not? Check these out this week:
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