I can’t say that Cognac has ever been the drink of choice for me (but then again, what twenty-something year old girl do you know that could?), yet there was something appealing about Courvoisier’s Exclusif Cognac that hooked me in. Perhaps, it was the skinny, sleek bottle it was packaged in; or the fact that it smelled light and fruity, unlike the harsh scents of other cognacs; or perhaps it was the fact that it was a “mixable” cognac, which made it seem less intimidating to my non-hard-liquor-drinking taste buds.

As expected, the first taste was sweet – a combination of vanilla and cinnamon with a slight spice – but the flavours are quick to intensify and almost immediately you feel the warmth in your throat. Taking this treat straight tasted a little too rich for a lightweight like me, so I’ll definitely need to be a little more prepared next time with some creative recipes for a mixin’ (the web has tons of them!). Get your Cognac fix at www.courvoisier.com.

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