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What happens when one girl receives a ton of chocolatey golden ball goodness? She BUILDS! Urbanebloc has teamed up with everyone’s favourite chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, to create an adorable display guaranteed to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Requires a few simple supplies and an hour of your time. The only catch? Don’t eat all the chocolates before finishing this DIY. So hard believe me.

DIY Materials - Ferrero, chocolate, ferrero rocher, design, DIY

1. Create a hole in bottom of the small foam ball and top of the larger foam ball to create a snug space for your candle.

2. Start the body by hot gluing the Ferrero Rocher around the hole. Do the same with the head but leave room for the eyes.

3. Try to spiral your way down so the pattern is uniform.

4. For the hat, glue a piece of felt around a small plastic cup.

Branches from my backyard were used to form arms and the orange pompoms were stacked on top of one another for the nose. The eyes are entirely up to you, they can be crazy googly for a sugar high snowman or made out of cotton and felt like mine.

Ferrero Rocher DIY, snowman, real olaf, chocolate, ferrero rocher, chocolate snowman

Never forget to accessorize!

This snowgirl would not be complete without the most trendy accessories. Croc hat? Scalloped scarf? Heck yes! Show off your inner fashionista.

Ferrero Rocher DIY

Ferrero Rocher DIY

There you go! Her sweet curves will be dazzling the guests all night. People won’t be able to keep their hands off her 🙂


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