Sick and tired of the daily grind from the concrete jungle? HUSTLE is good, we get it. But days become routine and exhausting in the city when you’re so caught up in the daily grind. The cure: make it a priority to take an off day to eject yourself from the city. Peep my recent outing at Rouge Valley Urban Park.

Change Perspectives. Replace the tall buildings with trees, subtract all the human and car traffic, turn off your phone notifications, and breathe.

NYC_wideangle_south_from_Top_of_the_Rockimage source: [1]

IMG_0704Fresh air, clear skies, and not a worry in the world is just what we need to unwind. Drop the complexities and think simple. BACK TO BASICS.

Flee to nature, and take advantage the awesome wilderness that’s already offered to us. Roaming through the woods can be very therapeutic because mindless wandering helps you clear your mind, while allowing you to take in and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. It’s your time to have no agenda, no restrictions, and no stress.


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