Fave Fridays - May 24

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks. I know, it’s my downfall. This week’s edition (I know, we’ve been spotty with the updates on #FaveFridays) is all about the munchies and moisture. Here’s the break down of everything wonderful on my mind lately:

Fave Fridays - Vaseline Cocoa Butter

Vaseline Cocoa Butter

This is my ultimate – I’ve usually lost things first before I finish it, but this Vaseline Cocoa Butter is different. My lips are so incredibly happy that this was ever invented, I use it daily and enjoy the rich flavour and moisturizing effects (instantly). An absolute MUST MUST HAVE.

Fave Fridays - TREsomme Split End Therapy

TRESomme Split Remedy

I’m not usually a lover of these products, but TRESomme’s Split Remedy product line (shampoo and conditioner, and then some) delivers part way on their promise (moreso than other products). I’m happy with this one as it delivers a smoothness that regular products that boast the same effect can’t measure up to. While I can’t say that you won’t have split ends (only a proper snip will do that), this will get you part way there.

Fave Fridays - Cadbury Bubbly

Cadbury Bubbly Bar

Much like the forbidden competitor that rhymes with ‘sparrow’ (you know what I’m talking about), this bar is great when placed in the fridge for a chocolatey light delight. A tasty 90g treat for the summer time, meant to be shared – enjoy the Cadbury Bubbly Bar this weekend.

Fave Fridays - Lemon Sage Bliss Body Butter

BLISS Lemon Sage Body Butter

I’ve mentioned this in my summer moisturizer post previously, but this body butter is a fantastic one. It’s in a convenient packaging that you can toss in your beach bag for post-sun therapy (I know, aloe is usually the staple). Bliss’ Lemon Sage Body Butter may be a mouthful to say, but it’s simple, fresh, and perfect for summer.

Fave Fridays - popchips Ketchup

Ketchup popchips

I’m a popchips addict, sorry. From 100+ bags at our SHOPxSWAP to just casually chomping on them, these ketchup popchips are too incredible for words. Not too salty, nice and light, and full of flavour and crunch.

That’s a wrap! Happy Weekend 😉

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