TGIF! So in true Friday fashion – here are my faves for this week…

1. H&M Conscious Collection strapless dress

Nothing says ‘spring has sprung’ like a perfect spring dress. My eyes have been set on this one for a little while and now that the weather is warming up, I’m totally picking it up. Maybe the perfect Mother’s Day brunch outfit?

2. Greek Yogurt

Who doesn’t like a tasty treat? And who doesn’t LOVE a tasty treat that’s not the worst for you? Everyone’s talking about greek yogurt lately, and I’ve eating a lot of it lately. Skotidakis Greek Yogurt is my fave. It’s super creamy – made from fresh goat’s and cow’ milk, right here in Ontario!! It comes in non-fat 500g tubs in a variety of flavours including honey, blueberry & pomegranate, and raspberry & cranberry. They also come in handy-dandy snack packs with separated yogurt & fruit. Best part – each serving contains 12g of protein and only 150 calories. Delish!

3. AXE body spray for women

So I started going back to the gym this week. I vowed to go twice a week, at least – wishful thinking? As I got back into the swing of things, I tried out a new body spray — AXE Anarchy, for women. I know, who knew? It seriously lasts (although I don’t think I work nearly hard enough) and is a good alternative to fruity body sprays.

4. DIESEL Loverdose perfume

My new fave perfume. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of months now and have decided I will definitely restock it! It has a hint of liqourice, which gives it a unique twist. Oh, and to top it off — the perfume allegedly possesses molecules that stimulate your hypothalamus – the part of the brain responsible for sexual attraction. hmmmmmm. Regardless, it smells damn good and the bottle is cool!

5. Vampire Diaries

I left this one for #5 for a reason – SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading here if you didn’t watch yesterday’s episode yet….Every Thursday, this show is a priority on my PVR. And I stayed up extra late to watch this week’s episode. Loved the flashbacks. Hated that Elena chose Stefan (get over that dude already). Loved that Tyler is out of there (him and Caroline were getting annoying). Hated that there was minimal Elena-Damon interaction (when can we see a repeat of that steamy kissing scene?) Loved that Elena might just be a vampire now????? Either way, this was one of my fave TV events this week. Go ahead, judge me!

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