November not only brings me the onset of S.A.D, but also all the goodness of a seasonal cold. As a result, this week has been all about natural remedies to try to alleviate this terrible cold. And so, I’ve come across all the amazingness that comes with aromatherapy! It’s beneficial for your mental health, perfect to soothe your anxieties, but also helps to clear up your sinuses. Here are a round up of my aromatherapy favorite products.

Diffuse Away Your Worries

Getting a diffuser is probably the best thing you’ll ever buy, and I’m not exaggerating. First off, it disperses whatever scent you want evenly in the air. Much less concentrated than a candle. One of the best uses of a diffuser is to get a good nights rest. Nothing makes you feel better than lavender before you go off to snooze. Diffusers are best used to elevate your mood, great to ease your S.A.D symptoms. Its scent flexibility allows you to create your own atmosphere. Depending on the essential oil, you can opt for a boost of energy or help you chill for a quiet night in.

Saje Wellness

When trying to combat specific health issues, the easiest way is to get pre-made blends. I find this is much easier (and less messy!) than blending my own oils.  Saje Wellness has a huge array of oils made to help anything from headaches, insomnia and even allergies. My favorite is the lavender mist. It gives you all the calming benefits of the lavender essential oil, while moisturizing my skin. Its double use helps me go to bed feeling relaxed, and smooth (yay!).

Therapeutic Air

The concept of being able to puff your essential oils, and get all the benefits into your body, just amazes me. You can feel the way you want. My favorite product is the Kinin. Their blends are created to help you relax, recover and focus. You can feel the effects in just a few puffs. The best part is that you can bring your aromatherapy sidekick with you – where ever you go. This week, I’ve loved puffing on the “recover” blend. I found that it helped me with decongestion and soothe my sore croaky throat. So much more tolerable than taking Buckley’s (yuck). When I find my mood falling a little low, I’ve been enjoying the “relax” blend. It’s almost like puffing on a hug.

Although I’m new into the world of aromatherapy, I’m completely sucked in. Which essential oils can you not live without?

Keep Hustlin’ & Stay Healthy!

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