I can count the number of times that I’ve let my hair grow past my shoulders and it’s usually for a special occasion. This time around, I’m trying to grow my hair longer for my best friend’s wedding next month. Therefore, when these wonderful Goody Double Wear hair tie slash bracelet and headband slash necklace was dropped off by the hair fairies this week I was delighted to test ’em out.

For hair novices like myself, this double duty accessory solves the decade old ugly hair tie on wrist clashes with my pretty bracelets dilemma! Phew. So rest assured that the metal detail on the ouchless hair tie makes it double as a bracelet so you can all rock out with a great arm party (a la man repeller or song of style) while you’re letting your long locks go free! Now you don’t have to worry about hiding them in your pocket in case you need a hair tie for later.

As for the headband/ necklace, I’m not sure I’d wear this one as a necklace, but I do like it as a headband, worn behind the ears (like in the photo), or even a la Nicole Richie- hippie style. They even have one that is a bit ‘gold-tinted’ instead of silver. Casual, easy…no fuss!

All-in-all, these Goody Double Wear hair accessories are fun and versatile. Really makes me wonder why no one thought of this before!! Thanks GOODY!!

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