A fact of life that I’ve actively avoided: I’m aging. I notice it in my skin, my energy, and my overall luminosity (is that a thing you can see? I think so). Part of my active fight against this has been to find healthier snacking alternatives, things that when I polish off the bag, I don’t feel as atrocious about myself as I would have if it were something else.

What does healthy snacking mean? It means being mindful of portions, freshness, and the quality of food that you’re sub consciously ingesting. I know in my earlier years (okay, maybe last year) polishing off a can of Pringles wasn’t so terrible. These days, I feel it and I see it. So, here are a few things I’ve swapped out for that make me feel better about my life:

Flavored Tofu

I’ve always loved silky tofu, but this takes the cake. Almond tofu that is snack sized is my favorite snack as of lately. It’s kind of the perfect night cap, and reminds you of a delish mousse-pudding-something or other.


Naked Snacks

Naked Snacks recently sent me a full collection of goods that were pretty, clean, and indicated the portions. From cracked pepper pistachios to my absolute fave, Aloha Kauai (dried island snacks – pineapple, macadamia nuts, banana chips, coconut flakes). The Goji berry mix is also a favorite, as it features Zimt Chocolates amidst the berries, nuts, and dried fruit. These are mostly guilt-free snacks (make sure you follow the portions, the PORTIONS!) Get $10 off your first order with code “happysnacker”, and have a set shipped to your door for perfect snacking.

Kale Chips - Healthy Chips

Image from Pinterest

Pop Chips / Baked Chips / Alternative Chips (Kale, Apple, Zucchini)

Anything but pure fried chips is a slight upgrade. Pop Chips and/or Baked Chips come in so many flavors and varieties now, it’s hard to avoid them on the grocery aisles / snack aisles. One slight shift in your aim on the snack shelf could be a lifetime of habitual change for the healthier.

Photo by @leesamantha

Image by @leesamantha on Instagram

Image Credit to @mynakedsnacks

Image by @mynakedsnacks on Instagram

Classic Veggies and Fruits – Celery, Peppers, Apples, Oranges

Something about eating real foods that make you feel good inside. Whether it’s the winter time and you want an orange to help fend off the flu, or the summer time with a chilled watermelon. Eating something in this food group won’t likely have you feeling as sheepish.

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