Land Rover Experience - #HIBERNOT Land Rover Experience - #HIBERNOT

Several weeks ago a group of writers / bloggers were flown out to beautiful snow-heavy Ottawa. We were then shuttled over to Montebello, Quebec, to experience Land Rover’s #HIBERNOT itinerary – a fun-filled, snow-embracing, parka-armed few days that included off roading.

#HIBERNOT is about celebrating the Canadian winter, versus our usual hesitation to heading outdoors. Canadians are all too familiar with activities like snow shoe-ing, cross country skiing, and skating. Unpredictably, the weather didn’t co-operate and it rained, causing icy conditions and a limited number of activities we could do.

The main event featured a bevy of pristine, white Land Rovers. We drove through untouched snow, up steep hills to get to the engineered off-roading course. There were hilly paths, steep and seemingly slippery slopes (tongue twister), and daring 45 degree angles. What would otherwise be an intimidating drive in a “regular” car, was more than conquered in a Land Rover.

Land Rover Experience - #HIBERNOT

The fleet included iconic cars like the LR-4, Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. Alongside instructors, we explored only a small fraction of the 65,000 acres of land that the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello had to offer.

Land Rover Experience - #HIBERNOT

Being that it was my first experience in a Land Rover, I was decidedly impressed with the finishes, the functionality…and the lack of work I had to do to navigate trickier climates. I felt like technology (TERRAIN RESPONSE®) let me cheat the always anticipated icy, slippery hills and rugged, unplowed terrain. And I couldn’t complain.

While my day to day city / urban driving may not include some of the more treacherous conditions like our Montebello experience, my appetite for adventure was only slightly satiated.

Safe drives, out there.

Land Rover Experience - #HIBERNOT

Learn more about the #HIBERNOT experience on the Land Rover Website, and follow along with @landrovercanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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