Happy Holiday season everyone! It’s almost Christmas time again and I couldn’t be more excited. Lucky for us Urbaneblocsters, we got a chance to party at the Eaton Centre to kick off the Christmas season with the lighting of a new, 50-foot Christmas tree and six giant aluminum and LED reindeer! Gorgeous!

The kick-off also included the beautiful and talented Kreesha Turner, and we got some holiday tips on presents, family, fashion and her favorite traditions.

Question: You look gorgeous as always! Your sparkly outfit is lit up as bright as the Christmas tree here! What is your go-to holiday style? Outfit? Tips for us girls? 

Kreesha: I love sparkle! This outfit is head to to sequins and it’s fun and perfect for the stage. It’s something that people can see me in from far away! It’s makes a festive statement. For go-to-holiday style, good accessories are key. Sparkles and sequins, it’s the perfect time of the year for that. Plus, for a great holiday beauty tip- use highlighter! It is my beauty secret and a great touch to complete a holiday look.

*more photos/ Q&A after the jump….

Question: We’re at the Eaton Centre right now, and the shopping season is in full swing! Any tips on how to pick out the perfect Christmas present?

Kreesha: Picking out Christmas gifts is a lot of fun. It’s something I really enjoy and I think I’m good at. It’s about noticing the little hints that people say… like for one of my good friends, she mentioned that she loved cherry’s and it’s something that I remembered. I picked out lots of cherry flavored chocolates, and delicious stuff and put it together in a gift set. For my husband, I got him this amazing box of watches…some high-end, some low-end. It was all hand picked from different places, and I put a lot of thought in putting the right combination of things together! Giving gifts is such a personal experience and can be lots of fun.

Question: What is your favorite Christmas carol?

Kreesha: Tonight, I sang Santa baby and that’s one of my favorites!

Question: What’s your favourite way to spend the holidays? 

With my family, we usually go back to Jamaica. So it’s not a white Christmas, but it’s a great trip to take with my family each year. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and one of my favorite memories is waking up before my family, getting out of bed and looking out the window to see the snow falling and the sun about to rise. It’s really magical and beautiful. And of course…spending time with people I love.

Thank you so much for chatting with us Kreesha!! From our chat with her, she’s got lots in store for us in the new year *hint – musical collaborations gallor! so don’t forget to follow her on Twitter to stay tuned.

And if you haven’t had a chance to check-out the newly revamped and ‘contemporary’ Eaton Centre Christmas decorations- tree, reindeer and all, check out the photos below!

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