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While summer is coming to a close, it’s important to keep up with the obsessive intake of our beloved H2O all throughout the year. As Labor Day nears, I’m still adamantly committed to prolonging those summer, sunny days.

So, you may or may not be into water the way that a fish might be interested in immersing themselves…but here are a few ways that you can get creative, and produce some flavorful ways to intake that sweet little element that makes us who we are.

1. Add Fruits

Strawberry water, Pinterest, How to Drink Water

Cucumbers, strawberries, lemons…they all make for good additions to bland, but fresh and cold water. You’ll wonder why you went without a big pitcher of this in your fridge at all times. Not only is it delicious, but it makes you feel refreshed like you’re at a spa, 24/7. Need some inspiration? Start with Buzzfeed, of course.

2. Infuse, Infuse

How to Drink Water - Infuse

While it’s a similar idea to the above, infusing your water is more around the idea of being on-the-go and adding a little pep into your regular tumbler. Try purchasing an infuser and filling it with fresh fruits and ice cold water. Cucumbers, lemons, even a little fresh mint could make for a really good time.

3. Try Coconut Water

How to Drink Water - Coconut Water

While in a major metropolitan area, it’s more difficult to get a fresh coconut that you can stick a straw into (though I know vitacoco begs to differ), there are ways to get your hands on delicious coconut water. Whether it’s at your local juice spot, or even grabbing a zico coconut water (oh, they are soooo good), it’s a great way absorb your fair share of electrolytes, and enjoy a taste of something a little tropical.

4. Make it Sparkle

Fizzy Water, Sparkling Water, How to Drink Water

Some folks oppose water because it’s far too flat to drink enjoyable. Try tonic water or even take the dive and get yourself some flavorful SodaStream action (ScarJo seems to like it).

That’s all we have over here – what’s your way to get your water fix?

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