I find it harder and harder to focus as September comes. I don’t know if it’s sangria summer withdrawal or self motivation taking a dial down. Often, I’m left feeling like I need a little refresher to be able to get my shit done. Here are my tips for when your brain and body feel like they need a little clarity during your daily hustle.

Clear thoughts, clear mind and write everyday

Spending a few minutes writing each day can do a lot for your mind. It may sound a little cliche, but jotting down what you are grateful for can make a tremendous impact on your mental health. It serves as a little reminder to not take things around you for granted. Keeping a daily journal like this is also great to look back on later, and remind yourself of the little great things you have now. I find writing helps put my (many) thoughts into perspective, so I’m able to start my work feeling fresh.

When in doubt, dance it out

Probably one of my favourite things to do, regardless of whether or not you’ve got moves (which I don’t), put on your favorite upbeat song and let the music take you! Those three or so minutes release the tension you may be feeling. Bonus – dancing can serve as great cardio, especially perfect when you’ve just eaten an entire bag of chips (lol oops).

Laughter is always the best medicine

Finding ways to have a good laugh is such a healthy and good release. It’s as simple as putting on a comedic show (Friends will always be my go to) or even kickin’ back with an old friend. These moments help to release physical and emotional stresses so you can come back to complete your tasks with fuel.

Happy Hustling!

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