Shanice and I had the pleasure of attending the iYellow Wine Club & Wine Australia’s very cool event, Melbourne Underground – a happy mix of wine, cheese, music, ice cream, and graffiti.

Some of the graffiti came via on-site creation by favourite Toronto artist, Skam (if you don’t know him, you know of him. Take in some of his work here).

By the way: Melbourne – HUGE graffiti city. Something I did not know prior to this event.

The wine was delish, the cheese was on point, and we just about lost our minds when we had the ice-cream (fat kids love cake? No. Women on summer “diets” love ice cream).

The event was held at one of the city’s newest and swankiest event venues, Airship 37 and featured 25 wines from the Victoria region in Australia.  There were some definite favourites throughout the night with kitschy names such as “Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch” Shiraz (I think this was my winner), and “Innocent Bystander” Moscato (we couldn’t get enough of this).

iYellow Wine Club, founded by Ange Aiello seems to be perhaps the coolest wine club in the city. Do you want to actually know what you’re talking about when it comes to wine? Join the club! You’ll have access to wine tours, articles, videos, and more, all to learn the secrets of the grape. And yes, membership is free.

Find out more about iYellow Wine Club at and to find out more about Australia’s delicious wine selection go to

Of course, if you’re just in the mood for an Aussie treat, take a look at the complete list of wines present at the event, available at the LCBO.

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