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It’s been an extended and restful holiday – with lots of good “cheer” (aka indulgence in every which way). I came across Jax Coconut Water when I was on a coconut water binge in New York. I would peruse aisles of bodegas and delis in search for the best of the best in the latest health craze. One of the products that I came across was the beloved Jax Coconut Water, a packaging that mimics that of a premium alcohol brand, complete with frosted glass and geometric wizardry (designed by Stella McCartney’s husband).

Their Philosophy speaks beautifully:

Sometimes, the best solutions are pure and simple. Jax Coco is just that: pure and simple, stylish and modern, healthy and natural.

Combining the finest micro-filtered coconut water with a modern aesthetic, Jax Coco is inspired by the coconut water that we proudly champion.

Served chilled, this beverage is incredibly hydrating, and yes, a miracle worker for hangovers. High in flavour and low in calories, it’s sweet, true to flavour, and makes for a nice desk companion. My only complaint? Hard to open with my feeble hands.

Available at Pusateri’s, T&T, and more. See after the jump for recipes that you can drum up with coconut water + oil!

JAX Coco - Chilled

JAX Coco - Recipes
JAX Coco - Recipes JAX Coco - Recipes JAX Coco - Recipes

Please note: This Post was Sponsored by Jax Coco, opinions are reflective of my own.

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