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You’ve heard of her name, you’ve seen her on major fashion television and you surely recognize those iconic blunt bangs. She is THE Jeanne Beker and she has paired up with The Shoe Company to give your wardrobe some flare. What a better way to celebrate then to hold the launch at Toronto’s new mall! The Stockyards Shopping Centre is going to be jam-packed with major retailers to feed your shoapholic needs when it’s final touches are put in place. I had a chance to preview the exclusive Jeanne Beker x SCO collection and meet the legend herself. Shoes, handbags, and sunglasses…totally swooned.

JeanneBekerxSC, jeanne beker, jeanne beker shoe company, shoe company launch, stockyards shoe company

Q: The collection is so classic, what were your inspirations for this collection?

A: Thank you! My entire life is inspiration. Whether I’m walking my dog or attending a red carpet event, I want to have the accessories and shoes to adapt to my life and the lives of other women who need versatile gear at an affordable price.

Q: Why did you choose to partner up with The Shoe Company?

A: I wanted to factor in quality and accessibility. The Shoe Company and Town Shoes were able to take my collection across Canada so that was extremely important to me because I want all Canadian women to be apart of this collection.

Q: Toronto Fashion week is ending, were you able to catch any shows?

A: I was crazy busy this week but did manage to see Monday’s shows! They were wonderful as usual.

Q: You are always so stylish! Any trends people should look out for?

A: Trends come and go, there’s never really anything new. Designers will construct their unique product but everything gets recycled later down the road. I don’t pay much attention to trends.

Q: You’re certainly keeping busy! Are there any future collaborations coming our way?

A: I have more in the works, but it’s top secret!

Thank you Ms. Jeanne Beker for taking the time to answer my questions! You are such an inspiring role model to Canadians everywhere, it was a a great honour! Be sure to check out the collection at a Shoe Company near you because it is be-yoo-ti-ful and has your feet covered for any event.

Forever a fan girl,

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