It’s mid-August and we’re reminiscing about July already. Here’s another Instagram wrap up, starting with a “twinning” for Amanda and ending with a stuffed smoked meat sandwich. YUM. 


JULY INSTALOVE I hung out in a tipi on a road trip to Georgian Bay to get some fresh air. Getting out of the city is always a good idea. On a side note: my gladiator birks finally arrived and I couldn’t be more obsessed! JULY INSTALOVEReppin’ CIROC strong while chilling in a hammock, what could be sweeter? Congratulations Glo! JULY INSTALOVE We’re on the go, while Diana’s On The Run. Party, party, party like Bey for this month! #toomuchcraziness JULY INSTALOVE 

Red lip glam from KJ and a completely appetizing meal, so fancy! JULY INSTALOVE Christine is sneaking around the Brooklyn Flea Market finding goodies. It was all about rooftop sunshine and smiles for Gloria’s birthday, we’re so sad we couldn’t make it to NYC but from all of us: “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our power lady Gloria, all the best!!”  JULY INSTALOVE Nothing wrong with being a kid again, orange freezies with Madhu anyone? JULY INSTALOVEGet your smize on with Tiffany and friends!That’s our 31 days in a nutshell! Food, friends, and fun, repeat. Hope your month of July was filled with goodness and that your August is going even better!


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