I came across these lovely ladies when I was perusing The Clothing Show awhile back (yikes, a week before THE PEEK occurred actually). Las Valentias is the creation of Erin Keatch and Tara Kelly, their line being a product of Toronto Fashion [talent] that’s classic with a dash of funk and unexpected. Their skirts have unique shapes, their pieces are rendered from outstanding fabrics, and the styling is impeccable. Check out the q&a with them after the jump (yes, read read read on)

  1. Who is Las Valentias and what does the brand mean?
  2. Las Valentias is the result of a collaboration between Erin Keatch and Tara Kelly. “Las Valentias” roughly translates into “the brave” or “braveries.”

  3. The LV Fall 2008 collection trends more bubbly skirts and untraditional silhouettes – how do you begin designing a skirt that isn’t the regular fit or conventional shape?
  4. We get inspiration from all over the place, like music, movies, researching from old books on costume and fashion. That’s usually the place we start from when we design the collection

  5. You mention sifting through dusty attics for inspiration – how does this play into
    your current design?
  6. “Dusty attics” is just a metaphor for how we are influenced by the past. Looking at old photographs of our grandparents, we found they conveyed a palpable sense of romance, sophistication and reverence. Whether or not that was actually the case at the time the photo was taken is irrelevant, because THAT feeling, THAT sense is what became relevant to us and what we do. We always keep that feeling in mind when designing any collection.

  7. What fabrics does the Fall 2008 line include? There’s a killer green skirt with eight buttons that I’m lusting after.
  8. The fall fabrics are a mix of wools, silks and cottons. We make a point in using high quality fabrics, so the garments look and feel very comfortable. That particular skirt is crafted from a very soft wool and was inspired by a trench coat. We are glad to hear you like it!!

  9. How do you find the Toronto Fashion Industry – there are so many up and coming designers!
  10. Working in the Toronto Fashion Industry is a privilege. It is a privilege to have had the opportunity, to have worked with great people and to hold that collection, season after season, in your hands. And mostly, it is a privilege to have been encouraged by and to have shared it with the industry we love so much. Working in an industry with so many up and coming talents can be overwhelming. It can make one feel vulnerable in about a million different ways. You wonder if what you present each season will stand up next to all the others and represent who you are. In the end, you can, of course, only do your very best, and then close your eyes and cross your fingers in the sincere hope that you’ve contributed something to the remarkable community that you love and find your own place within it.

  11. What is “relaxed luxury”?
  12. The words “relaxed” and “luxury” don’t really go together. When you think of luxury you might think of things that are expensive or unattainable. When you think of relaxed, it’s more of a casual feel, something familiar and comfortable. This juxtaposition fits in perfectly with our design ethos. We both bring two very different styles of design to the table, but they seem to mesh well into one concise vision. It has become the trademark look of Las Valentias.

  13. Where is Las Valentias at next – what should we expect?
  14. Following our bliss.

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