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Have you heard of a little song called “The Show”? If not you definitely have to get on it (click here to see the adorable video). LENKA has been on repeat for me as of lately (especially during this past holiday season) – it’s so upbeat and cheerful that you can’t help but to feel spirited when listening to it. Read on to learn a little more about this rising Aussie pop-happy singer.

  1. Where’s your “inner child” at today?
  2. She’s pretty much running the show i’m afraid.

  3. Tell us about the transition from a “long running children’s breakfast cartoon program” to a solo singing career?
  4. Well, in between i went to art college, so i pretty much wiped the slate clean! But there is a similarity in that i am still sorta entertaining kids, just in a different way.

  5. What are your favourite shows as of this moment?
  6. I’m obsessed with Big Love. I find it so creepy and fascinating…

  7. Speaking of shows, you recently played on Jimmy Kimmel Live – what’s your take on night talk shows?
  8. I love them and i love having the opportunity to play my song on them. It’s such a great vehicle for getting music out to the masses.

  9. How did you find Toronto?
  10. Loved it! It’s such a cool city and it was my first ever sold out gig, so i was really excited.

  11. Your aim is to cheer people up with your music – how do you dream up these happy tunes?
  12. They don’t really start out ‘happy’, but i like to cheer myself up when i’m feeling blue, so the song becomes a way to do that.

  13. Lenka – I’ve never heard of that name, it’s so original! How did your parents come up with it?
  14. It’s actually a common Czech name – my dad is Czech…

  15. What was it like to have the transition from Australia to your current life in LA with Epic Records?
  16. It’s been a great adventure. I miss a lot of aspects from home, but i’m enjoying myself.

  17. What’s next for LENKA?
  18. Lots of touring!

> Learn more about LENKA at lenkamusic.com

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  1. Sounds great. Need to listen it,

    juliet xxx

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