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Eat What you Want and Balance

Rather than crash dieting, I like to make little decisions that keep me on track. Whether it’s having a 10 minute exercise routine in the morning (thank you, kettle bell), or eating clean during the week…it’s important to do something consistently while having breaks. Poutine and burgers on the weekend? Well, alright. It’s not every day that I eat this stuff…even if I wish it was.


It’s been overlooked the importance of laughter in our day to day lives. Whether it’s a ludicrous Amy Schumer clip, or keeping inside jokes alive within my friends, laughter has been so utterly important to relieve stress. Life is light – it doesn’t always have to be about brooding or hermit-ing from the world. It’s about growth, experience, and keeping your mind healthy. Laughter does this.

Keep only the Best

My new policy is to have a filter. A filter with not only my time, but the type of people that I invest it in. Why bother with people that have an agenda, or aren’t generally there for your benefit? Believe in your decisions, don’t waste time dilly dallying with something or someone that doesn’t keep you at at 100%. Who has time for that?

“Money comes, Time Doesn’t”

I keep repeating this in my mind whenever I make a decision that has me slightly guilty, financially. Money can come quickly depending on the value you delivery…but time won’t. I’ll never look back and wish that I didn’t travel because I bought a fancy purse or saved the money just to see it accumulate in my online bank account. Save, be responsible, but know that the time is now. Don’t take that for granted.


Keep a Vision

At the top of 2016, I decided that the big word of the year would beΒ intention. To have intention meant to have my sights on a lifestyle, business, or a vision that I wanted of how the next few years could play out. What was my “pie in the sky” big dream? Being that this wasn’t incredibly clear in the years past, I decided to put it down on paper. Literally. A few girlfriends of mine came over to cut out magazines, create vision boards, and share it with one another. Best mental exercise ever.

Happy Livin’, see you out there πŸ˜‰

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