I know every year I seem to make useless New Years Resolutions, but this year I think I’ve come up with something feasible. Perusing through Winners has done me some good, and before Christmas Day had arrived, I had become the owner of a lunch bag to envy (though not pictured). These bags have so much clean character to them, you can’t help but to want to use them as a cozy little housing for your munchies.

MILANO SERIES was founded in 1978 with one mission, to design, develop, and market products of superior design and quality.

Equally important was to create these products at affordable prices to ensure that all who appreciate good design could afford to buy and enjoy them. Today, my entire staff and I share a special satisfaction that we work together to make the lives of our customers a little more beautiful each day.

As I travel thoughout the world and find Milano Series products displayed in the finest shops in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, we are all pleased that consumers across the globe have been so kind through their support to make our mission a success.

The products in this website clearly define Milano Series and what we stand for. It is our hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for the products that you are about to see.

Bruce Parisi, Founder

My New Year’s Resolution is to pack my lunch more often (how else can I afford to keep spending money on great clothes?) with the help of my gorgeous lunch bag. What’s yours? for more.

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