Feeling like a nerdy webcammer. Loving the sugar. Feeling guilty about the teeth. Short and emphatic sentences. Okay. So things are pretty sweet right around here because of the abundance of candy that I just ended up inheriting from Maynards Canada. So much deliciousnessness and sour in one place (oy vey – that Granny’s telling me to go get a headache. I just might).

Find it in stores well, everywhere. I’m a Shoppers Drug Mart frequenter and came across this happy looking little packaging (oooo, crochet bag). I might like to knit me something dandy.

Whatcha think of my pepster photo? Giggles, right?

2 Replies to “#MaynardCandy Has me feelin’ mighty Granny.”
  1. Haha i love this photo! Saw these candy ads everywhere, really wanted to try them!!

  2. @koko THANK YOU ALICE! 😀 They’re actually not that sour, more delicious than anything 😉

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