Keeping your head in focus while travelling is such a challenge. A change of environment puts me in a whole new mindset, and “vacation mode” seems to turn on automatically. Especially dangerous when I’m meant to be working remotely. Here’s another newbie’s guide on how to work while travelling, making sure your productivity isn’t hampered during your travels.

Book Meetings With Yourself

This is something I first learned while onboarding with ROGUE STORIES. Working remotely was a whole new concept to me, and it was hard to keep concentrated. Choosing your own hours provides much flexibility, but there is such a thing as too much freedom. While travelling, create an event for your work hours in your calendar and space out your time to explore accordingly. This will make sure you’re putting in the right amount of hours for work, and play!

Keep Up With Your Routine

Going hand in hand with keeping your regular work hours, try to keep up as much normalcy as you can while traveling. If you’re used to working out as soon as you wake up, then that’s something you should definitely keep up with. Eating healthy, and making sure you’re having good food, will also make sure that your hustle stays strong. Having a routine is the best way to keep productive. This will help you make sure you’re able to do your best work – no matter where you are!

Find A Proper Work Space

Don’t be tempted to work in places you wouldn’t ordinarily work from. I’m mainly referring to working from your bed. Your brain is wired to associate your bed with sleeping, making your mind a lot slower and less productive. Having a proper work space makes you work that much harder. Finding a coffee shop, or a cute cafe wherever you are will force you to make the best out of your working hours. Even better, it’ll help you experience the new environment you’re in! People watching is the best way to get to know a new place.

Happy travelling, and keep hustlin’

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