My first experience with Blossom Boutique ( was a rushed visit. But in that fleeting amount of time I knew that I wanted to go back. Lo and behold, on a journey to make a snazzy purchase for THE PEEK (some might say that it was overtly snazzy – nothing short of an explosion of colour and pattern), I made the snap decision to head to Main Street. After some fantastic customer servicing and awe for the set up of the store, I knew I had to do a boutique profile + Q&A with the owner.

The very fabulous Shauna owns Blossom Bath & Body chains as well as the newfound style boutique. The first Main Street, Unionville store is a bevy of indulgent beauty products that are rare finds. The same can be said for her clothing shop (Blossom Boutique), just down the street, tucked away as a hidden treasure. The entrepreneurial style buff describes the shop as reflective of her colour-embracing closet – something that I strive to achieve. Check out my Q&A with likely the most charismatic boutique maven that I’ve met in ages.

  1. Tell me about Blossom Lounge โ€“ you have a beauty store and a clothing store, howโ€™d you get started on it all?
  2. I was always so interested in beauty and fashion – I jumped into it when Canada didn’t have stores that would offer lines that women were seeking out. Canada was lacking high-quality beauty, it was frustrating to hunt down products that were featured in magazines and media. Many of the lines offered in Blossom Lounge are by young female entrepreneurs that aren’t mass-market and mass-produced, so you have that high quality. On top of that, many of the products are organic and natural.

    Blossom Boutique started about a year ago in October 2008. My vision was to bring beautiful pieces that were a moderate price point, accessible, with a wide selection. There are lines from Canadian designers and labels from Brazil and France.

    I’ve been on Main Street for about five years, and I consider it my home (that’s why I had to have my office located here!) It’s a great community that’s so supportive and friendly, I absolutely love the culture in this little town in a city.

  3. You have such an outstanding collection of goods in your clothing shop โ€“ how do you pick and choose what you want to merchandise in your store?
  4. Thank you so much! I try to pick items that are colourful (I stray as much as possible from black), ones that I see my customers loving. It’s funny because whenever my friends are in my store, they say that the store is an extension of my closet. I love bringing in items that can appeal to everyone – whether they’re in their early teens to late 60s. The brands are also from all over, it’s a mix of lines that you don’t often find.

    It’s also so much fun to be able to view upcoming fashion – you have the challenge of picking out trends several months before it arrives in store. It gets you excited for the season ahead!

  5. Iโ€™m in love with your retail location! From the brands to the displays, itโ€™s a really feminine and beautiful design. What is the physical design concept?
  6. For the Blossom Bath & Body shops I wanted something that was very serene, so lots of aqua-like colours. I always want to create a soothing and mellow atmosphere (like a spa experience). Everything was chosen by me – it’s always fun to customize your space on your own. That way you’re 100% happy with the outcome.

  7. Youโ€™re tucked away on Main Street in Markham, a very historical area with many boutique shops. How do you feel this location influences your picks?
  8. It’s a beautiful spot with all walks of life, so I try to pick for the girls and women that come into the store. I’ll have casual pieces for the girls that come in, or for what we like to call the “yummy mummies” that come in. In the summer and fall there are so many wedding parties that come through the area, so I’ll have some more formal dresses in store or offer gift baskets and make up for bridal parties in the Bath & Body Shop.

    There’s so much incredible positive energy here – it’s not like a big retail environment, but a boutique experience. Sometimes women from the community come just to chat, and we love getting to know them on a personal level!

  9. What are your favorite brands and trends right now?
  10. One of my favourite brands right now in store is Colcci (shoes and clothing from Brazil). It’s a mix of colours that are daring and unafraid of testing boundaries. It’s feminine and bright. Some dresses that I’m loving are from FCUK, and Alternative Apparel is perfect for casual wear.

    Jack by BB Dakota and Soia and Kyo have some great jackets coming out. The plaid look (lumber jack) is back again but with a twist (it’s a bit more feminine). I’m also loving long-chained necklaces, 20″ in length and above!

  11. You have to keep close to all the upcoming trends and hot items โ€“ how do you stay on top of it all (beauty and fashion)?
  12. I like to stay on top of what’s coming by reading magazines, and similar to what you’re doing! I look through blogs and online resources, see what the trend setters are wearing. I look through a lot of catalogues to see what’s lines are coming up with for the upcoming season.

  13. Whatโ€™s Blossom Lounge up to next?
  14. I’m looking forward to focusing on Fall collections and having more tie-in between the Bath & Body shops with Blossom Boutique (beauty and clothing is all the same industry and lifestyle!) I have several lines from the Blossom Bath & Body shop that we’re developing as well. I always want to be true to the customer – bringing in beauty and fashion that she’ll love.

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> thank you for everything Shauna! Pictures are snapped by yours truly.

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  1. Glo!!! This place is gorgeous! I will have to pay a personal visit soon xoxoox

  2. I love Unionville/Main Street! It’s such a unique little town! :] The next time I’m there, I’ll be sure to check out this store you profiled!

  3. for sure – definitely worth a look or five ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for the comment sandy!

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