Last fall, an email mysteriously appeared in my inbox pertaining to a Autumn Trunk Sale by Dagg and Stacey. Since then, I’ve seen the line pop up all around when out and about. Whether it be The Clothing Show or a Queen West Boutique, this line continues to be intoxicatingly beautiful. Traits of Dagg and Stacey that I’ve taken in? Wispy fabrics, stunning lines, heart-wrenching detail, and undeniable eye for design. Karen Dagg was so kind to do a Q&A with me, while in the thick of their design and development season.

  1. Tell us about Dagg and Stacey – what’s it stand for and what’s the premise of your line?
  2. Dagg and Stacey is a collection of women’s clothing conceived from the minds of Karen Dagg and Stacey Paterson. The line is named simply after the designers, a mix of the two that harmoniously rolls off the tongue. Our particular attitude to the collection is to make clothing that is of a high standard of quality, style, and grace. We approach each new collection with a new take on a mix of these key things, always striving to capture what it is that makes our line Dagg and Stacey. The line is manufactured exclusively in Canada by independent trades people.

  3. What’s your favourite piece from your Spring/Summer 2009 line?
  4. This season it’s a toss up between the Mata and Mauritania dresses. We love the Mata just because it’s so easy to wear and look great in! It is so effortless to be stylish with that dress on. The Mauritania’s light airy volume gives it so much movement! It’s so cool and comfortable …. just what we want to be wearing right now.

  5. I’m always a fan of the photography for your line, who shoots the looks, and what’s the process like?
  6. Maja Hajduk has shot our collection for the past two seasons now and we’re just about to embark on a third. We love working with her. She has a very keen sense of quiet beauty, which is something we want to capture in our looks. We really seem to understand each other’s styles and have a similar way of working. We get her involved really early on in the process as we are always envisioning how the collection should be photographed even in the early design stages. We always focus on the mood of the looks and try to capture that in an editorial way. We try to express who our girl is and then follow her on her journey through the collection.

  7. Are you seeing the economy play into the fashion industry?
  8. Most definitely … it’s been affecting everyone. Although consumers aren’t shopping as much we find that what they are buying are really special pieces that are well made and can serve as long term additions to their wardrobes.

  9. You showcased at The Clothing Show – what was the experience like?
  10. We have great affection for the clothing show. We always look forward to seeing our loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning. There is always such a great energy in the air … the thrill of the hunt. We’ve even been known to leave our booth and search for treasures of our own.

  11. Where can we purchase Dagg and Stacey?
  12. Our line is available at boutiques across North America and Japan. Here in Toronto you can find us at Distill, Frock, IDO, Liv by Au Lit, Nathalie Roze & Co, Phopa, Propaganda, Remeckies and Trap Door

  13. What’s in store for Fall/Winter 2010?
  14. For the Fall/Winter 2009 collection, we left the colourful sunny days of summer behind and approached it from a darker perspective. Intrigued by memories of childhood introspection and on the tenor of classic fair tale illustrations resulted in a more solemn, subtle vision. Taking cue from the notion of wearing your heart on your sleeve, the collection is a thoughtful embodiment of light and dark. Here’s a couple of shots from the look book.


Additional Note: Dagg and Stacey is holding a contest on their Facebook Fan Page. All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself wearing Dagg and Stacey with a story that goes along with it. The contest ends July 27th, so hurry on up! Top 5 images win.

> images from Karen Dagg, daggandstacey.com

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