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Fidelity Denim has been one of those brands that has among the most loyal following that I’ve seen. I first heard about it when I used to be a shopgirl back in my university days, when a customer came up to me inquiring about said “Fidelity Denim”. Little did I know that was only the beginning of what I would hear about the brand. Retailed at luxury stores such as Holts, Mendocino, and Over the Rainbow, Fidelity embodies premium denim with a vintage yet tinge of modern flare. Check out my Q&A with Jason Trotzuk after le jump (more more more).

  1. Which definition of fidelity applies to the concept of Fidelity Denim? What is it about the line that screams fidelity to you?
  2. DEVOTION! Devotion has so many meanings and references when it comes to Fidelity.
    We have a devotion to:
    •    get it right – the wash, fit, and overall look
    •    To make fabulous jeans that make women look and feel beautiful
    •    To our customer to look to Fidelity and know they are getting the best possible jeans on the market

    Designing blue jeans is art and art required a lot of time and attention…it all comes down to devotion.

  3. Reading your biography, it’s obvious that you’ve been following your passion for denim for a while. For those who don’t know about your more humble beginnings, tell us how you went from customized denim in your parent’s basement to pitching your line to potential investors?
  4. I always loved blue jeans and designing. My first design (love) experience was custom painting old pairs of Levis. From there I went into designing t-shirts, surf shorts, hoodies, and ball gowns, and then, by chance, one of my customers asked me to design some jeans for his store and they turned out to be a hit…which led me back to my first love – denim. But this time, I was designing jeans from start to finish rather than just painting them.

  5. There are so many luxury denim brands that are emerging in this competitive market – companies understand that women want great fit and premium quality, what makes Fidelity stand out in a sea of jeans?
  6. Fidelity is a luxury denim brand for the contemporary modern women. With a focus on quality, we always follow what we call our 3F Principle:  Fabric, fit and finish.  Fidelity used the best fabrics, impeccable fits and the highest quality finishes. We are devoted to making the best jeans in the market.

    Why should people buy a pair of Fidelity’s over the other brands? So much of the high-end denim market has been based on hype…all fluff and no foundation. Fidelity’s focus is always the customer and making a wicked pair of jeans — end of story.

    Fidelity creates it niche by making fabulous jeans that are unlike any other brand. Once a customer tries on a pair of Fidelity’s (men’s or women’s) they’re hooked. There is freedom of choice in the market place and customers always choose quality over hype.

  7. Following up the last question – how do you feel about the economy playing into the demand for premium denim? Some companies embrace it like “The Recession Line” from Rock and Republic – any thoughts?
  8. Basically, $300 are not selling that well, so now they are dropping the price. What about all those poor souls who paid $300.00 for jeans last year?  It seems as if these “recession-focused” brands want to compromise the quality of their product to offer a price point jean, so they can cash in on hype and some cheap product.

    We are not offering a “price point” jean for several reasons 1.) We do not want to compromise the quality of our product. In fact, we are going the other way and are developing better quality products to enhance the experience of wearing our jeans. 2.) if we offer a “cheaper” jean, it will compromise the integrity of our premium product.

    Basically, The Recession Line is not what you think it is….dig a little deeper into the workings of this company and you’ll understand a bit better why they are doing this.

  9. Wide legs are back and seemingly here to stay! Where do you see this trend going?
  10. I see the wide going back to skinny.

  11. What’s next for the Fidelity Denim line in terms of styling and products?

    Our goal is to make LUXURY DENIM FOR THOSE WHOM APPRECIATE THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE…what ever that brings to each season.

  13. Last question – how do you keep the rock and roll flavor alive? How can we, Fidelity fans, keep it alive?
  14. Wear the Rock n’ Roll badge on the inside…always wear something to keep you close to the flame. Blue jeans are always Rock and Roll, but just to make sure, Keep the G n’ R shirt handy…. if that doesn’t work, read below

    Listen to the following songs very loud:
    Machine Gun – Jim Hendrix
    Bring it on Home – Led Zeppelin
    Mississippi Queen – Mountain
    Bullet in the Head – Rage Against the Machine
    Paranoid – Black Sabbath
    Can’t you hear me knocking’ – Rolling Stones

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  1. they have such gorgeous jeans!

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