What does it mean to be a goodboy or a goodgirl? Entrenched in the urban hiphop culture that thrives in the City of Toronto, goodboy clothing seeks to represent sustainability and depth that the city has been searching for. I first came across these guys at the manifesTO event back in September. Their booth and their mantra represented a fresh urban perspective that I haven’t seen for awhile.

  1. How did you all meet each other and band together?
    Long story shortened. Life just did its thing. We all met at OCAD where we were studying different disciplines, our love for Hip Hop was the catalyst for connecting. Basically it was like-minded people linkin up and becoming boys. We wanted to create and make positive change, and just through experiences and life doin its thing, it ended up being this goodboy movement. We have more to offer this world than a 9-5. We want to positively impact the lives of all the wonderful people around us.
  2. Can you explain each part of the goodboy logo?
    This logo is deep… the G is actually a face, almost that of an infant. This is symbolic of any idea/thought/creation/entity that is birthed either from the mind. It is like an infant innocent and pure. This idea buds into a leaf amongst an environment (represented by grass) of other ideas and things. As you progress, you realize your concept/idea/vision is part of a bigger puzzle (because everything is connected). People are connected through compassion, empathy, love, and this is the heart in the puzzle piece. As you learn things and grow, or your idea starts to take shape, you are making an impact on the world; you’re expressing yourself (pencil). By expressing yourself, you’re reaching out to others (outreached hand), and by doing so, you’re building stronger connections and growing together like branches and leaves. And this in itself is a cycle that makes up a lot of things from the tangible to intangible. This is how we create and grow.
  3. What does it mean to have a healthy urban lifestyle? (100% clothes minded)
    Having a healthy urban lifestyle should be no different than living a healthy life period. Healthy in terms of mental, how you conduct yourself, what you do for yourself and others, how you take care of yourself and your environment, health is wealth. 100% clothes minded was a statement that we procured to make people think. It wasn’t a matter of whether you fell in love with the statement or not, but if it made you stop and wonder. Clothing is not an element of practical necessity; society has evolved it much further than that. Clothing and fashion carries soul, they are communicators of ones self. We are fortunate to be able to choose what we want to wear and those choices reflect who we are as individuals and as people, clothing is part of our community and clothing can create and enrich communities.
  4. Any plan of expanding outside of t-shirts for goodboy?
    Yes of course. Right now goodboy is in its infant stages, just growing and understanding its place in the world. As goodboy grows and gains knowledge, the output and expression onto the world will also change and develop. We want to expand the brand, drop some crazy hoodies, track jackets, etc you name it. Have some projects in the works, might see a Corey Williams x Goodboy collabo on some sneakers. Remember that name. Corey Williams: one of the most talented doods that Toronto is sleeping on right now.
  5. Are you guys really goodboys?
    Yes, because we keep true to our selves. Being “good” isn’t about following an expectation or a set of rules, but being true to ones self and who you really are as a person. The only person that can judge you is yourself, so you gotta be good to yourself.
  6. How do you think that the urban lifestyle / hip hop culture has influenced your design and helped build your community?
    Hip Hop Culture…we live it every day, we can’t deny its value and how deeply interwoven it is in our company and what we stand for. Hip Hop has taught us a lot, and cultivated growth. By Hip Hop I don’t mean the one that BET emits or the mass Media, I’m talking about the real culture, the one you see with your peoples; you see when you take a walk outside, the one that really lives and breathes in your community. We’re all a part of it and it is a part of us.
  7. Guys in Fashion – what’s your take?
    Guys are definitely starting to care more about Fashion these days, which is dope; it pushes the levels of creativity expected from lines. If you don’t have creativity, things start to become stagnant. There is no innovation, eventually everything just fits molds. The more creativity that is out there, the more you give people an opportunity to develop their own styles. The fashion game and music game run on similar parallels in this city, times are changing.
  8. Any favourite places in Toronto to shop?
    There’s too many to list, Toronto is a wealth of great stores and variety, people just need to explore.
  9. Tell us a little about the recent “words i manifest” photo shoot you guys did.
    This shoot was a great experience. A big shout out to Mega J, this is one photographer you don’t want to sleep on. We got to build with so many great people. The concept of the shoot was to put the spotlight on people in the city who were making real movements. To do what we could to help shine the light and give more awareness to the wonderful talent we have around us. We were blessed to have worked with some really gifted people. The concept was for the artists involved to give us a quote that inspired them in relation to what they were doing, and we shot it in environments that were linked to these groups. It was hectic and crazy times getting it all done travelling across the GTA but the end result is well worth it. This is one photo series that we will continually be doing so keep an eye out for words I manifest volume 2.
  10. Where is goodboy at next – what kinds of events and products can we look forward to? Any word on more goodgirl stuff?
    Just gotta keep one eye open and ear to the street. We will definitely be doing some fresh new things this year. It’s just a matter of patience, some things can’t be rushed. Our product line will be expanding fresh new tees as well as remixed throwbacks. We’ll have more photo shoots, words I manifest version 2, our annual goodboy social photo shoot and party, and many more things a poppin.

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  1. nice interview Gloria…

    Goodboy: I genuinely applaud your efforts in trying to create a torontonian identity in streetwear. However, what I would like to see more from you is more of a focus on design than on your brand… 3/5 of your mens t shirts practically glorify your logo. Don’t get me wrong, its a nice logo with meaning behind it and thats dope… but I would really like to see you focus more on spreading the message behind it than the brand itself.

    Afterall… REAL hip hop culture is firstly about being socially, culturally, and politically conscious. If you’re going to uphold that with integrity please keep the branding to a minimum and focus your design on the message.

  2. the charity tees were really cool and imo ur mainline should be similar


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