Katrina Tuttle was one of my favourite showcases from the last season (see blog post here). For Fall/Winter 2010, Katrina’s line is less pleats and more vintage inspired textures. It’s a pretty collection with a little less of the ordinary. See after the jump for the Q&A that I had with this young designer.

  1. What’s new this season? What are the main changes from the last?
    This season I’m doing more separates for fall – things that are cozy, allowing for people to mix and match. I’m doing mostly coats with great tailoring and detail (it’s what makes a coat special – adding a little “wow” but not too much, it can be overkill!). I like swing coats that are more loose, as well as the opposite end of fitted, tailored jackets. There are about four jackets in this collection.
  2. How important is having your hand in everything (styling, makeup, shooting the lookbook)?
    Since I was little (probably about when I was six years old) I wanted to do everything – be a photographer, a designer, a make up artist…and really all of those things go hand in hand. I try to keep up to date with all of the trends and techniques, usually through large publications or outtakes from shoots. The main look for this season that I’m keen on is straight hair with a smokey eye, and nude make up. We did the photoshoot at a WW2 training base – it’s edgy, raw. The shooting was putting focus on movement and strong silhouettes.
  3. There was commentary about your construction quality last season – what is your response?
    There’s always going to be something that people don’t like, and truth of the matter is that sometimes you don’t see everything before it goes down the runway. I take it as criticism and move on to become better.
  4. How do you integrate “comfort” into your line?
    Comfort is in fabrics that hold structure, aren’t boring and are…comfortable! I wouldn’t want to create “an amazing dress that you don’t want to sit in”. I’m focusing on dresses – they’re versatile and easy (and can be mixed with a blazer to be dressed up). It’s a mix of fitted with movement and contour, as well as straight shift styles that are belted.
  5. Would you say there’s any east coast influence in your line?
    Mostly involving nature – the oddest things can inspire you. It’s easy to get a concept for a collection that way. There’s a bunch of great stores in Halifax, but I find my shoes mostly in Toronto (Hazelton lanes). I like vintage stores and vintage jewelry – they make some strong and bold statements.
  6. You’re young – how have you found entering fashion so early?
    I grew up around business so it wasn’t too much of a challenge. I was always so interested in fashion – when I was young I purchased all types of books to help me learn about fashion and pattern making. My favourite book would probably be drafting in 1980s. It was a crash course in vintage – it’s still in my closet just in case.
  7. You say you’re influenced by “bold”. What is “bold” to you?
    Bold can be in the form of a silhouette, a colour, a pattern, or a strong piece with print.
  8. What’s next?
    I’ll be looking to continue with LG Fashion Week to help build awareness, but I’d also like to expand across Canada. I’ll be launching an online store as well – so keep a look out!

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