Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by to meet Lani Karls, VP and Creative Director for popular clothing lines Kensie and Kensie Girl (oh, and my newest learning being that the company is a cousin of mac and jac). Seven questions fired in the shortest snippet of time led to the creation of this post on the definition of pretty (and one very strong addiction to their amazing video set to an original song by…an original member of Lillix, if you can remember them).

  1. What is the embodiment of “Pretty” clothes? How do you make a piece “Pretty”?
    The Kensie customer can mix soft and hard – you know, the biker with frills, contemporary clothing. Pretty is organic.
  2. Aside from dresses, how do you make pretty?
    We try to use soft fabrics, textures, and really focusing on how it makes the customer feel as opposed to strictly the way it looks.
  3. Video is largely becoming a force in fashion communication – how has it changed your direction?
    Oh it’s challenging! It’s something new to take on – with the way that the web has moved with video. We try to make our website extremely engaging, focusing on being interactive.
  4. What is your favourite piece of pretty this season?
    My favourite piece would hve to be the tiered dress with shimmer and print! It’s the right mix of hard and soft to create something really uniquely pretty.
  5. How does Vancouver / West Coast mentality influence Kensie?
    Vancouver has a sense of freedom – things are organic and outdoorsy. It’s reflective in the Kensie and Kensie girl lines, we love the relaxed sophistication of Vancouver.
  6. Kensie intimates sounds pretty – tell me more!
    Oh you read that did you! We just had our licensing agreement. You’ll definitely get a sense of more pretty, it’s got femininity, rockstar and a touch of soft.
  7. Shoes, linens, and fragrance – what can we expect?
    It’s all about synergy and helping build and compliment a lifestyle – always catering to the Kensie girl.

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