Why get naked when you can get Naked and Famous all with a simple pair of well-fitting jeans. They’re making some serious waves with their offering of Japanese imported fabrics, and catching some hefty attention from retailers like Over the Rainbow, and Aritzia, N&F sells based on high quality, raw denim. Who needs bells and whistles when you can just get Naked and feel good. Alright, stop reading into the double entendres and read into my Q&A with Brandon Svarc:

  1. Why should anyone be Naked and Famous…as opposed to just Naked or just Famous?

    Everyone overtly or secretly wants to be Naked & Famous… The name is meant to make fun of celeb-obsessed culture and in hand, celeb-obsessed brands. Our culture is far too concerned with everything a celebrity does, wears and doesn’t wear… if you know what I mean

  2. Silk is soft and denim is…not typically. How do you make the connection?

    We love fabric that is luxurious, unique and rare. We have other very stiff rough denim too, but the silk denim is interesting, stong, soft and special. Also, no one else has this particular blended fabric. We will introduce a cashmere denim in a few weeks as well.

  3. N&F Denim is made in Canada – tell us what makes that special.

    We are crazy Canadians challenging the premium denim industry worldwide. We are able to make a better product for a lower price-point. Our factory has been producing jeans and rugged workwear to last through brutal Canadian climates for over 30 years.

  4. I’m super crazy about the video (by Dale Hayward) on your website – what’s this moving art say about Naked and Famous Denim?

    The video is just a fun piece of art meant to communicate several points about our unique brand concept. I love the simplicity of old-school stop-gap animation just like I enjoy using raw denim fabric made on old-school vintage looms in Japan.

  5. Out of anyone you can think of, who would you want to be Naked and Famous the most?

    Everyone wants to be Naked & Famous.

  6. Everyone’s pants fall down on your fit guide! What do you have to say for yourself?

    It’s funny.

  7. Where-to next on the map for Naked and Famous? Can I come?

    In only 6 months on the market we already sell to some of the most prestigious shops in USA, Canada and Japan. (ex: Barneys Co-op, American Rag, Blue in Green, Ron Herman, Atrium, Loveless, Tokishirazu, Over The Rainbow, etc.) Now its time for us to take on Europe and Australia. We are also introducing python skin belts, denim covered baseball gloves and selvedge denim ties for Spring 09.

I think that he meant yes. Definitely.

Visit nakedandfamousdenim.com for more goodness.

Skinny Guy Black Denim Slim Guy Slub Indigo Denim Trouser Girl Silver Denim

7 Replies to “Q&A with Naked and Famous Denim”
  1. the pair first from the right is stunning !!!

    juliet xxx

  2. I love the silk denim – it’s original and it’s just….pretty!

    How are you juliet?

  3. Got the “Weird guy”

    It’s the tight fitting one. Personally I felt it was too tight around the crotch area but worked it in. Fit’s perfect now except the legs are a little roomier than I would like. But my Diors fit perfect…everywhere!

    Jing Liu
    -JUZD bamboo clothing co.

  4. ill agree with you on the diors fitting perfect everywhere. I hope you got some pre-KVA washed versions with the clasp. The lure of dior is in their stacked anti-fit low-on-hip style and cool/crazy washes that look amazing.

  5. I love the skinny guy. there so nice and i like how they run kinda long to.

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