Earlier I did coverage on Nicole Bridger’s line here. Style with sustenance is the key takeaway from the brand – gorgeous clothing is not the antonym to sustainable fashion. As a well seasoned designer, Nicole Bridger has managed to present an incredible collection with rich colours, styles, and imagery.

Check the Q&A after the jumpy.

  1. In five words or less, can you fill in the blank: Nicole Bridger is ____________
  2. Fun, modern, comfortable, sexy, resonating.

  3. Vivienne Westwood is a huge name to have you on your resume!
  4. How do you think it’s geared your designing? Working with vw, I learnt the art of draping fabric. I use this technique in many of my designs, which creates the soft drapiness, or unusual playful drapes. Most of all I saw that you can be yourself in the fashion industry, I saw that you can use your passion to create something that can make a positive difference.

  5. The socially conscious fashion movement is so prevalent it’s almost become the standard. How do you keep challenging it?
  6. There will always be ways to grow and improve, we will never become stagnant. It is very exciting for this way of thinking to become standard in the world but we still have a long way to go.

  7. Nicole Bridger Designs are part classic and part urban trendster – how do you mediate the two?
  8. Its just what happens naturally, it is what i like i guess. nothing too forced, casual but still modern

  9. Studying Fashion at Ryerson is coveted – what types of talent come out of it?
  10. It is a very intense program, so when you come out of it you have a broad skill set and knowledge base, you are job ready for the fashion industry

  11. What can Torontonians do to find out more about your line?
  12. Visit our website, we will list stockists as they grow and expand.

  13. Nicole Bridger – where’s it headed to next? Will there be any east coast love?
  14. Absolutely, we will be carried in the east for spring 09. we are creating a focus on pieces in the line that are maternity friendly.

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