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No one brings it like the French do – noujica noujica is a shining example of up and coming innovation and style, with their take on fashion and accessories. I encountered this charismatic pair (Catherine and Jinny) at The Clothing Show early May, and was smitten with their image-rich and stunning lookbook showcasing their items. With creations such as hand-blown glass jewelry, original screen-printed neck wraps (adorned with buttons and sophisticated design), noujica noujica mixes the craft with character. Check out the Q&A with these designers after the jump.

  1. Tell me what noujica is all about.
  2. Noujica is Catherine Cournoyer and Jinny Lévesque, two young artists from Montreal who get their funk on designing and producing clothing accessories made of recycled fabrics, blending glass works, silk screening, drawing and sewing. Each piece is one of a kind and entirely made in Montreal.

  3. What makes you two great partners – does each person have their own specialty?
  4. Our passion for colors, details and our vision of art brought us together, but the fact that we specialized in different fields adds a creative kick to our products. Jinny is specialized in glass working and sewing and I do the drawings and the silkscreen.

  5. I love the concept of the neck wrap (not to mention the funky designs). Where did that idea come from, and why is it better than a regular scarf?
  6. Living in a city with four distinct seasons forces you to develop your creativity! The neck wraps are perfect for the colder months as they keep you cozy and warm while bringing style to your regular winter outfit. In spring and summer, their lighter fabrics are perfect for the chillier nights or just to add a splash of personality.

  7. How did you pick up all these different skills – glass blowing, original screen prints, etc?
  8. Jinny and myself have been ever since college into all aspects of creative expression- drawing, painting, sculpting, jewelry-making, graphic design… We simply found ourselves doing our respective specialties from evolving through a series of experiences and academic formations.

  9. How many pieces do you currently have in your accessories collection?
  10. Until now we have done belts made from recycled leather as well as recycled fabric, belt buckles made of glass, glass earrings, necklaces made of glass and recycled wood, neck wraps and scarves. We create anything our wild imaginations lead us to.

  11. Do you think being Quebecois has influenced your style?
  12. Montreal is such a unique, vibrant and influential city; it has a European style, it’s multicultural. The creativity, variety and colors here are inspirational for emerging artists.

  13. Who do you want wearing your accessories?
  14. People who appreciate new and unique accessories, innovative souls who are not afraid of being bold, as well as anyone with a taste for arts and crafts and an interest for the environment. Our clientele is actually really wide!

  15. What styles are you most inspired by, where do you get your ideas?
  16. We get our ideas simply by living. Our everyday lifestyles and concerns, as well as the grace and beauty of nature are where we get the graphic and organic qualities of our designs from.

  17. How do you change your accessories as seasons change – do you still see people rocking your neck wraps in the summer?
  18. As seasons change, so do our choices of fabrics, colors and motifs. Our summer neck wraps are made of really light materials as silk, and of very joyful and brilliant colors. The basics remain all year long, but they get adapted to each period of the year.

  19. What do you have planned next for noujica?
  20. Many things! We will participate to lots of shows and we’re hoping to be able to sell our products in more boutiques across Canada. We are also working on expanding our project to include more social issues apart from the environment. Noujica is still a newborn and we hope that its artistic integrity will keep on

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