Orange. Angela Chen is an up and coming designer who hails from a diverse background – originally from Taiwan, to the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver), and New York for the Parsons School of Design. She’s a vibrant soul and down to earth, bursting with energy and sass. When I arrived at Lotus Leaf Communications’ office, I was welcomed by the rush of media, models, and stunning clothes as my surroundings. Funny enough, I was then instantly ushered into the back office whilst filming of a segment for LGFW, and bump into a long-time must meet, Sally Han of Psalms 91:1 Accessories. Angela’s collection is stunning, affordable, wearable, and something I’m yearning to see again. Read the Q&A after the jump.

  1. Why “Orange”?
    It wasn’t necessarily because of the fruit or the colour, but two other reasons. People often call me Ange, which isn’t too far off of Orange. When my boyfriend (who’s a graphic designer) did the branding for my line, it ended up being so fitting.
  2. West Coast to East Coast – what was your experience migrating?
    I was born in Taiwan, moved to Vancouver, then went to New York City for seven years for school. Every place has its place – they all stay in me and slowly come out. I was doing a lot of things in between – right when I came out of school I actually worked at a sweater licensing company that did work for brands like Forever 21, Michael Kors.

    The one thing that really differs for me are the seasons and styles. This season it’s about the hard sophisticated touch of New York mixed with the comfy and stylish West Coast. NYC is all about the energy, people, environment, old Hollywood. Vancouver? It’s about relaxing. That’s life – the divide.

  3. What was your Parsons Experience like?
    Vigorous. I remember the first thing that a professor had said to us when I started there was “I’m here to weed out the weak – if you can’t make it, go and become a real estate agent”. Being there for school really taught me to learn what I liked and didn’t like, and be decisive as a designer.
  4. Celebrity Clientele – what do you think of your roster?
    It’s so amazingly flattering – I love how they come across the brand. It’s a huge step. We send lookbooks to their stylists and are lucky enough to be picked out of a line.
  5. 3 Years into your line, where do you think it’s taken you?
    It’s taught me a great deal about everything to do with running a business and a clothing line. You do PR, sales, design, and people want to put you to work. I’m not rushing with it! The biggest challenge has really been figuring out everything on my own – manufacturer relationships, fabrics, buyers, and more.
  6. What does the Orange girl look like?
    The Orange girl can look like anyone – there’s really and truly something for everyone. And they’re at accessible price points.
  7. What are your thoughts on showing in LG Fashion Week?
    There are so many things that happen during LG Fashion Week! I didn’t expect to have so many interviews which is a fantastic thing – I’ve had some huge buzz thanks to my amazing PR girl [note that Julia of Lotus Leaf Communications has entered the room]

    How do you know one another?

    We met three weeks ago and it’s been non-stop! We’re practically soul sisters. We picked some great music for the show, things that really highlighted the pieces and the emotions. Hope you like it!

  8. Where to next?
    I’m actually showing in Shanghai right after this! It’s one week and they have some higher end stores. Really looking forward to going to Asia.

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