Q&A with Rebecca Hardy

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a stunning fresh face grace this blog – in waltzed an opportunity to interview the very lovely Rebecca Hardy. Amidst the bustlin flow of LG Fashion Week, Rebecca graciously took the time to meet with me at the ever so inconspicuous Starbucks on Queen West West (and West), slightly removed from the hectic style tent of LGFW.

Unlined notepad and no frills ballpoint pen in tow, I tip toed into the Starbucks curious as to whether or not I would be able to spot the top model within the cozy chain. All it really took was a meek wave from a blunt bang-ed beauty to realize we were on the same page.

Jokingly maneuvering her Canadiana flag umbrella aside and accepting a tiny decaf latte, we perched ourselves near a window to observe the bleary grey day and start the interview (fun fact – ’twas the same day that blogTO snapped me outside).

  1. What have you been up to lately?
  2. It’s been hectic – there’s a need to be here, there, and everywhere as a model. Since the show I’ve been in Milan, the UK, NYC, and home! I’ve done shows (just got a call to do one today but I’m all booked up), but I’ve been more involved in projects lately. I’ll be doing a show called Extreme Samurai by Hibibe – should be interesting because it’s being held at an Extreme Fitness location.

    I’ve also been involved in doing local work, speaking to high school students about how I got started. It’s an interesting change because growing up if you asked my mother, she’d tell you I was the quietest kid on the block.

  3. When you were first announced as Canada’s Next Top Model, you were portrayed as “Schneiders Meat Factory worker wins CNTM”. How did you feel about that headline?
  4. I didn’t mind too much for a couple reasons – it was true and wasn’t a typical mall job, it spoke to what kind of person I was, and I got paid to exercise! You should’ve seen the big guns that I had when I was working there (chuckles). It wasn’t the most glamourous job though, basically I combined raw meats in blenders to create uhm…a couple other meat products. I enjoyed my time there, and everyone was really happy for me when it was finally announced that I had won.

  5. How was it getting thrust into the fashion world – did you experience any culture shock?
  6. Not too much culture shock – I think the show really helped prepare me for what was to come. I definitely think there are misconceptions about modeling (thinking we don’t eat, etc). It’s hard work – you have to keep healthy and exercise in order to keep up with the 14-15 hour work days, 3 hours of sleep, and wildly unpredictable schedule. It’s about making healthy choices and doing things like throwing sneakers into your luggage in the chance you get to go for a run, to loading up on veggies and avoiding junk.

    People were surprisingly humble too – some people have the idea that the industry can be snotty and elitist. While that might be true, no one really wants to work with individuals who aren’t enjoyable to be around.

    I also had a little practice with the travelling bit – I was in a serious soccer league when I was a kid (it was my life, and I wanted to do it professionally at one point!)

    I always loved modelling in local shows and ads, submitting my demo tape was a last minute decision that I went for. Something clicked and it was right!

  7. You were considered a little bit “older” when you got started, how do you feel that affected your experience?
  8. I think it was perfect timing, I was glad to be done school and mature enough to handle so many things at once, I felt mentally and physically prepared for anything. There’s so much going on at once that it’s easier for me to be able to get a grip on everything. I can’t even pinpoint anything past next week in terms of scheduling, so it’s really helpful to be able to roll with the punches.

  9. Are there any Canadian fashion figures that you’re in awe of?
  10. Definitely Linda Evangelista. Jay Manuel is also someone that I have some incredible respect for – he has a sense of professionalism and creativity that’s unbelievable. You can see from season to season that the show (CNTM) is really taking off and going places. That and he hails from Toronto!

  11. Speaking of Toronto, you’re currently living in the outskirts of the city. What’s your take on it?
  12. The city is rich in culture – you walk down the street and you’ve got a diverse gathering of music and artists, to shops and food. I love that we’re able to help build an identity for the city, and for Canada as a whole.

  13. Music and shops – what are your personal picks, and do you have any ‘shame shops’?
  14. My ipod goes with me everywhere, and I’ve got everything from metal to hiphop on it. Shopping can range from the local malls to I guess the “shame shops” like Value Village. You know, VV boutique has some good picks sometimes. I also really like H&M – they’ve got the trendy pieces down.

  15. How would you describe your model walk?
  16. (laughter) That’s a good one! I would say…a straightforward trot? At a pretty good pace I would say. Joan Heaton taught me how to walk – she’d make me do it, then tell me to do it over again and again until I got it spot on.

  17. What’s up next for Rebecca Hardy?
  18. I’d love to get into hosting and more into television! Right after this I’m actually doing a segment with Sarah Taylor from Much Music, for Much On Demand. I’m headed practically next door to check out a store and pick out some cool threads.

Rebecca & Marsha Starbucks Modelling

> Thank you Rebecca and Marsha for the opportunity!

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  1. YAY TO VV! : ) So glad that I’m not the only person going there 😉

  2. Holy, if she’s that tall next to you, she must be gigantic!

  3. GREAT post!
    I enjoyed it!!! Love question 5.

  4. omlord she looks so gorgeous and put together! i do remember her as having great style though 🙂 (or i’m starting to mix up models :S)

  5. Wayne – yup, she’s got sweet bangs!

    Thanks Candy! And Chen, definitely put together, very model-esque!

    Staxy – of course, who does wardrobe changes within one hour unless you’re Beyonce?


  7. hey you! great interview and you look just as cute as her in the pic 🙂 xo

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