Darkhorse Espresso Bar on Queen and Spadina is buzzing on a Saturday afternoon as I scurry through the doors to be met by a quirky girl with one furry earring dangling from her right lobe. Instantly I knew that I was looking at Tatomme Flanagan, finalist in the AXE Summer Gig Contest. 5 girls and 5 boys are pitted against one another in online challenges to win what they’ve referred to as the “Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig” – yes, complete with shades in the typography. It’s 60 days when you’re young and single, getting paid $10,000 to be a Consumer Consultant for your favourite spray deodorant (one girl and one guy will be chosen). After ordering some of the finest coffee in the city, we perch down on a door-based wooden table and get down to a conversation about how she got to finalist stage.

  1. Tell me about Peachland.

    Ah, Peachland, BC. Itโ€™s near a place called Okanagan Valley โ€“ or rather, โ€œThe Valleyโ€. Peachland was a small residential town, with about 5,000 people. It was a fun time, I went to private school for the first little bit, it definitely helps form who you are. It was all complete with amazing teachers and old friends. I remember spending a lot of time in malls. The town (not a city!) died everyday at 5pm, so you definitely had to be creative in entertaining yourself. It was amazing in the summer.

  2. Why are you a pyro, according to your AXE profile?

    Hm, good question. I’m not too too sure – I love cooking and apparently I burn things, which makes me some sort of pyro? Apparently Jamie Oliver’s also my main manpan.

  3. Why do you love Jamie Oliver?

    What’s not to love? His accent’s adorable, he’s down to earth, travels for cultural experiences, makes cooking simple. Manpan it is.

  4. What does Campus Couture mean to you? (sidenote: Tatomme was featured on College Candy in March)

    My day-to-day style really changes, I love baggy clothes and jeans and a tshirt. I love inventing things – going to outdoor markets, getting materials, creating things like this one-earring thing I’m wearing today (nothing like the fishing section for jewelry materials). I love vintage, and I love Ossington.

  5. From Toronto-to-Toronto, what do you think this gig means for you?

    The living situation will definitely change – I can’t say no to a swank pad. I’m currently living with roomies. The job is definitely going to be something new to take on. I’m currently working in the Distillery District (which I sometimes take for granted, the place is beautiful!). I applied for the gig at the end of last year because a friend had thought I was perfect for the role, and heard back in January. Since then I’ve been running around to win votes and the hearts of AXE fans!

  6. How are you preparing yourself for this new role, should you get it?

    Definitely going into it with an open mind, but I’m running into it a bit blind. I love change though – I get bored with my surroundings easily. I’m studying journalism right now, but would love to try my hand at marketing. I adore broadcast journalism – it’s not too far of a stretch!

  7. This gig is also about blogging and documenting your personal life. Tell me how do you plan on finding dates?

    I’m not sure if I’m getting set up on dates, but I’ll definitely have to start scoping out some cute ones and get cracking on that. A fine date would be going out for a light summer patio day, complete with a Guiness to start and a light beer like Mill St. Tankhouse. Mm.

  8. What’s your take on AXE?
    I love their marketing – it’s pretty hilarious and catchy. AXE is all about youth – I think I fit right in. I’ve got some good competition in this contest, I’ve met a few of the other folks and we’re all really keen on it.
  9. You blog! About food. Tell me about it.
    I’m a vegetarian – born and raised. I like writing about recipes, how I experiment with food on a student budget. My favourites are rice bowls and plenty of leafy greens. The ideal boy (meat lover or not) would join me for a nice veggie dinner.

You’ve only got until MARCH 31ST to vote for Tatomme here: http://www.axesummergig.ca/?q=node/9.

Suddenly a fan? Follow her Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tatomme, or check her blog here: http://tatomme.blogspot.com/. Why wouldn’t you be? The girl will pose with brooms for a good photo (hearts – thanks Tatomme for being a great sport. Merci to Lauren for the set up *wink.

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