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Kensington Market is one my favourite spots in Toronto to peruse on a Saturday afternoon. Upon one of these treks, I came across the owner of “The Rage”, Sarah Campbell, and saw this as a great opportunity to let her spill her take on fashion.

1. Why did you call your store “The Rage”?
It’s representative of the cycle of culture; an idea starts underground, born from pure fever or ‘rage’ to create (eg. punk in the late 70s), then is adopted by an ever-growing number of people until it becomes mainstream (all the rage, eg. ‘punk’ style clothing in Urban Behaviour).

2. What’s your favourite item in the store right now?
I love the one-of-a-kind, handpainted NDEUR shoes by Mathieu Missiaen.

3. Who’s up and coming in the local artists that you carry in store?
Definitely Jennifer Fukushima (, Mathieu Missiaen (, Barb Danielewski (

4. What kind of trends do you see coming up for 2008?
Street fashion yielding more influence over style trends (i.e. style blogs like

5. What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen someone wear in your store?
I really love the high school ‘Candy Kids’; tons of accessories, super colourful, an offshoot of the raver look from the 90s. I love the style but their party habits frighten me a little.

6. Your store is one of the few that I’ve seen take to the blogging world – why is that important to you?
I like the forum; a lot of people think running a business is easy…..the blog lets us communicate a more grounded view of the process, and share instore pictures and experiences with our incredible customers!!

7. What’s the biggest perk about having a store in the renown Kensington Market?
I love that ‘anything goes’ in the market, we’ve got everyone here!

8. What’s one thing that you think people should never wear (ex. Uggs!)
Well, I do believe people should wear whatever they want, though admittedly I have a personal hate-on for Crocs. Seriously, keep them in the garden unless you’re over 50 or under 14.

9. What are the best fashion go-to places for you to get inspiration?
When I have opportunity, I love visiting other Toronto independant shops (Freedom Clothing Collective, Model Citizen). Realistically, inspiration is everywhere, in any form.

10. Do you have anything to say to anyone reading this that hasn’t come to visit you yet?
We’re building an international reputation through stylists and Ndeur shoes on the internet as THE starting point for new Toronto style. Don’t be late……..

The Rage The Rage The Rage

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7 Replies to “Q&A with The Rage”
  1. Interesting, never been to kensington before (i know, gotta explore more) nice coverage, keep it up. unique style and interesting, peace out

  2. kensington is awesome. especially if you like scavanging for vintage.

  3. I love that place – you can get the most amazing vintage stuff for so cheap it’s ridiculous. plus you end up meeting really great folk!

  4. definitely! kensington is like toronto’s hidden treasure.

  5. haha – I let the cat out of the bag. I need to find another great hipster-esque place to shop other than the ghetto local scarborough malls

  6. haha, the infamously dangerous scarberia has hipsters?! =)

  7. just because people get stabbed and mugged doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to do it in style – just kidding! how politically incorrect of me, new studies render scarborough just as safe as any other district in toronto!

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