The Oscars are one of the biggest events on TV. And much like the Superbowl, these major TV events inspire people to have at-home viewing parties, which means food is involved โ€“ so Iโ€™m in! Typical Superbowl food is messy, saucy,ย  and โ€œmanlyโ€ โ€“ nachos, wings, pizza, pulled pork etc. The Oscars, however, call for some classy, red carpet-worthy snacks. If you’re like me and have to pull together some munchies last minute and don’t really want to order pizza (bo-ring), check out these quick and easy snacks that are sure to impress (after the jump)!

Paparazzi Popcorn

Popcorn is the quintessential movie-night snack. But for a night like the Oscars, you can step it up a bit and add some flair to the classic. For a simple added touch, pop your favourite popcorn and dress it up with some fun seasonings like garlic powder, butter and salt, paprika, chocolate powder or cinnamon sugar. To really get fancy, try out this fully loaded fancy popcorn recipe from www.cookingclassy.com. It involves all of the good things in this world: caramel, chocolate, pretzels and more (hello!)

Fancy popcorn

Fan-Favourite Grilled Cheese

I was inspired to whip up these fancy mini grilled cheese sandwiches when I saw them on Barefoot Contessa (my fave TV chef). She hadย NY-based caterer Mary Giuliani on the show to share her celeb-worthy grilled cheese recipes — which she’s served to movie stars at major Hollywood events (how fitting)!

You Fancy, huh? Fruit

Of course you can run out to the store and pick up a fruit platter — OR you can pull together the random fruit you have in your fridge and dress it up in a delicious fruit salad (with simple syrup: sugar and water mixture) or fancy fruit kabobs. Just gather any of the fruit you have lying around — bananas, grapes, oranges, apples, peaches etc. If you want to kick it up a notch, drizzle with chocolate sauce or offer some chocolate fondue for dipping (yum!)

fruit kabobs

Cheer-Worthy Chips

When things are homemade they’re just plain cooler, plus, if you’re like me and don’t have chips lying around all the time, this is a great way to impress your guests and offer up the snack that most people crave when watching TV/movies: potato chips. All you need is 3 ingredients: potatoes (or sweet potatoes), canola/vegetable oil and salt (or any other seasonings you like).ย  This is a simple base recipe I like, but feel free to add in your own seasonings like paprika, chilli flakes, steak spice etc. for some added flavour. If you don’t have potatoes, use pita bread — just cut them into triangles and bake in the oven at 400 C until crispy!

TIP: Use a cheese grater (one with a long blade cut-out) to slice the potatoes in thin slices perfect for chips!

Dressed Up Bruschetta

This is my go-to quick and easy snack when I’m expecting company – bruschetta is the best because you don’t many ingredients and it’s easy to adapt based on what you have in your fridge/pantry. All you need is bread (or crackers) and a fun topping. You can use the classic diced tomato, olive oil, parsley mixture or use goat cheese, sliced avocado, diced olives etc. Basically anything can work as a topper for bread or crackers!


If you’re doing a pool at your Oscar party, download and print this one-page ballot for each of your guests ๐Ÿ™‚

Good luck & enjoy!

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