Brunch is the ultimate weekend meal …Unless you are one of those people that is able to enjoy brunch on a weekday? [jealous]. My Sunday brunch date was with the *lovely* ladies of Urbanebloc – brunch is meant for good company – at Wish Restaurant (3 Charles Street, Toronto).

Wish offers hours of bottomless coffee, classic brunch dishes with a modern twist, and the prettiest, most quaint atmosphere. I’d recommend Wish for a perfect girls’ brunch, a morning meal with mom, or a really romantic morning date!


I ordered the Challah French Toast with blueberries and caramelised bananas. I’m a sucker for French toast (well, anything that screams carbs really), so I committed to this selection as soon as I saw it on the menu (online, the day before).

This French Toast is meant for serious filling. It comes with 4 full slices of toast, perfectly battered, with the most satisfying hint of sweetness. I’m not one for fruit, but the blueberries and bananas were the perfect complement to every bite.

For next time – I’m definitely ordering the grilled Nutella sandwich with raspberry compote….Nutella should be on every breakfast menu.


Romantic and whimsical. From the outside, the restaurant looks like a quaint home, with an old paint job and simple sign. It’s inviting in the non-obvious sense. It looks and feels like it’s been worn in. lived in. homey. Exactly where you’d want to wake up and eat breakfast. But the best part is – the food isn’t at all ‘average’ or ‘made at home.’ It’s definitely an elevated experience.


$12-$20 per dish, on average

*Wish also has a lunch and dinner menu. Closed on Mondays.

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  1. I just went here for brunch today TOO 🙂 Loved their food, and in fact tried the Nutella Sandwich with raspberry compote and it was heavenly !

  2. @Nikita OH What timing! Glad you enjoyed – we can’t wait to go again 🙂

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