I’ve always had difficulty sleeping on Labour Day – it feels a bit unreal to think that there’s so much uncertainty on the horizon. Each year, going back to school (man it’s been awhile), I felt equipped with new pens, binders, and a fresh haul from Staples…but still somewhat clueless as to what was to come ahead. I feel the same today.

While my books may have turned into computer and mobile apps, and my ambitions have since changed radically, I have to say that SUMMER 17 breezed by with a vengeance, and I couldn’t be more utterly proud.

We Launched. WE LAUNCHED.

A year ago I had the idea to start a web store that was travel focused. That later manifested into a launch product. Little did I know how much WORK it was to get something off the ground, whether it meant mental energy or planning all the little tactical things that it took to get things up and running. I announced our product, we launched a Kickstarter, we worked with so many amazing blogger partners…it was unreal.

I took time.

After our launch, I decided it was time to retreat slightly and take time before the madness began to see friends, family, and rest. It had been awhile since my brain wasn’t over occupied (well, it still is), and it was fun to be able to do summer-y things like sit in a park, have great conversations, and eat at new places. I also loved booking time with myself, finding a few moments in between to just breathe, chill, and meditate on the accomplishments. Reflection is a beautiful thing!

I wrapped projects and started new ones.

Some of you might know that I have a little agency – ROGUE STORIES is also a marketing / branded content agency. We do digital strategy for brands, and sponsored content. It’s hella fun, and I absolutely love working with clients on the same wavelength. I wrapped some clients, and decided to play with others that were like minded (see vitaminwater, HBC). I met so many phenomenal new people and did a lot of rethinking about how I wanted to work.

The Flight Pack by ROGUE STORIES

I decided what’s next for myself.

Being able to empower yourself to make a decision aboutΒ what you want is really…frightening. And it’s a foreign feeling that never really goes away. I’ve been starting to make bold statements about myself – who I am, what I do, and what I want. I want to launch a beautiful travel eCommerce business. I want to be the founder of something special that helps others travel. I want to see the world, and find love doing it. And I want to stay humbled, grateful, and laughing.

THANK YOU so insanely much, Summer 17. I can’t wait to see what fall change has to bring.

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