Marta has been a long time contact of mine – we knew each other at a distance, through work and Instagram (naturally). She’s a savvy business woman, traveller, and she’s unabashedly direct. She’s a seasoned blogger at With Love Gabrielle, and social media marketing agency owner at Trymus Group. Whether it’s travel for work, leisure, family, or a weekend adventure nearby, this girl’s no stranger to a suitcase.

Always one for an adventure, here’s more about how Marta lives her life wheels up, chasing dreams:

If I could pack just Five Things, they would be: a charger, book, eye cream, maxi dress and a pair of ballerina flats.

As for some of her packing hacks? Three cardinal rules for how to travel light and efficient:

  1. I roll everything as it prevents wrinkling and is best for space.
  2. I try to pack items that are neutrals and would coordinate well together as well as transition easily from day to night.
  3. I always travel with my own shampoo and conditioner. It’s a must!

Photos by Jodianne Beckford

Video by O’Shane Howard

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