Mohammad Owainati is an avid traveller – going away is second nature. From extended trips to Asia to a jaunt to Nashville, New Orleans and Atlanta, seeing the world is a must. Adventuring with a little wooden robot in tow, learn what home means to him, and pick up a few tips along the way:

Mo’s Five essentials:

  1. Passport (can’t leave the country with out it)
  2. My glasses (can’t leave home without it)
  3. My Pixel 2 (filled with articles, music, and lots of space for photography)
  4. A book (to take a break from my phone)
  5. My travel companion (my way of documenting where I’ve been in my travels) – a wood robot with destinations etched all over him

A key packing tip:

When packing a pair of shoes in your bag, stuff your socks inside of them! It makes use of all the space in your bag while also helping keep the shape of your shoes.

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